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    I'm working on the digital navy free download of one of the Arizona turrets with a catapult. I have not done any ships before. What is probably obvious I do not see. I have put the turret together. However, parts 17a and 17b are a mystery to me. Does one go over the other to make a colored inside and outside? How does part 18 fit into the picture? I see part 13 goes on top of 14 and 14 on top of 15. Part 15 has its center cut out but for what reason? Both 17a and 17 b have what appear to be two hatches that have dashed lines. Are these cut out so you can see the interior of the turret?

    I have just looked through a thread on a build of the 1:00 Arizona and realize I really know so little about this hobby. If someone could assist me, it would greatly be appreciated. I apologize for not knowing how to bring up the instruction sheet from digital navy.

    Ron snow
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    Here below my build annotated.

    1) part 17a and 17b are the same part with or without the surface details, and are the external skin of the cylindric base. If You want, You can use the version without the details drawn and reproduce them by wire

    2) part 18 is the inner cylinder around which the upper part of the turret can rotate over cylindric base

    3) the part 13 is the upper side of the base of the turret and You have to glue them on the white side of the part 14. You have to glue the white cylinder 18, on the white area of the part 14. You can use a piece of cardboard between part 13 and 14 to strengthen the base.

    4) the part 15 is the upper face of the cylindric base and it have to be pierced to allow the part 18 (the white cylinder) to rotate as pivot of the turret

    I hope this helps You, nevertheless my poor english.

    Best, Nando :thumb:

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    I not only received an email but an answer here as well as a picture of the finished item with details. I could not make the 3 dimensions out of the 2 dimension example. The answer made it quite clear.


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