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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Niels, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Niels

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    Finaly - I have finished my Ariane 1 - model. It resembles the first ariane, that was launched i 1979. It's possible to seperate the model i it's individual stages - just like the real thing.

    It's a free model and you can download it at

  2. Ron

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    Thank you for an excellent model! If you need any help with hosting it,
    don't be afraid to ask :)

  3. jrts

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    Hi Neil

    This is a fine bit of work, a must for all not just the space nuts.

    I like the finishing touch of the payload 8)
    You can be shure this will be built.

    Thanks very much for a cracker download

  4. Ashrunner

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    Beautiful model Niels. I haven't kept up with the Ariane space program. This model made me want to know more. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Niels,
    Thanks for this great model - just finished it, looks awesome! A must-build for any intermediate or experienced modeller, I'd say. :smile:
  6. Niels

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    I am glad you liked the model

    Hi Sheila

    I am glad, that you liked the model. I am currently working on ariane 2 and 3. There is still some work to do - but in 1½ month or so - it will be ready.

    In the meantime I will publish one more rocket in my "Dawn of the space age"-series. The first large solid rocket Hermes rv-a 10.



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