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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by shamus, Apr 8, 2002.

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    hey all yes this hobby is fun and it help get your mind off every day probelms i haven't worked on my layout in about a month it is sitting in the room getting dusty and my wife tells me that if i don't finsh it soon she is going to sell it... i just can't find the time to get working on it agin so much to do so little time there is a link in n and z scale photos of my layout... but some day hopefuly soon i'll get in there and get back to work on it but that is hard right now every time i get in there my wife call me out our i have to take my son to the dr or hospital he's been very sick and the doc don't know what it is so time is not on my side now.... i got a fleet of 9-44cw's ready to paint and three gp38-2's also ready but hopefule i'll get in there tonight and start to paint....
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    Am I having fun?

    Hey Shamus!

    I kind of go in spurts. If I want to work on my trains, I do. If I have something else to do, or just need a break, I do that, too. I am really putting off my next project, but I am running out of time to do it. Our new house is getting close to being finished, I haven't started tearing down my old layout. It will be easier than most, it is almost all Bachmann EZTrack, but I still am having a hard time finding the time to start boxing stuff up and taking it down. I am helpng coach the local high school baseball team ,and that job, along with my job as a teacher, keeps me going 6 days a week. When Sunday rolls around, I just want to rest!!!!! Oh Lord, Give me the strength, and time!! :D :D HA! HA!

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