Are there other RTV molding rubbers ?

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    Hi Guys

    As a Newbie I've been lurking around for a bit - but now I finally jump in:
    For the last couple of weeks I've experimenting with WS RTV moldings for for Tunnelportals and retaining walls. Seems to work outfine; but I was wondering if any of you have any experience with other RTV rubber than the one for Woodland Scenic ? Preferably something cheaper :)

    Regards from Scroodge KING_MEMPHIS
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    Welcome Aboard, King Memphis :) I know you'll get some great modeling help here :) :)
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    I'm not sure what RTV stuff is, but if you, say, have a tunnel portal, and you want more of them, I used stuff from Hobby Lobby. Half a dozen or so coats and Voila! I think I got a half pint jar and have made several mold. Still have some left (if it hasn't dried up on me)

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    RTV, Room Temperature Vulcanizing, basicaly means it cools at room temp.
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    Ahh yes, Smooth-on, another sweet company!

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    Smooooth-ooon - sounds reeaally nice ! :-D

    Thanks for the welcome, Mikey. It's a great forum here.

    And thanks for the usefull links. Especially the Polytek- instructionvideo is great. It's fine to read about the process - but it's even finer to see it performed live. Though it seemed to be targeted to industrial purpose rather than making tunnelportals in Z-scale ;-)
    Well, if I downscale the process - it will probably work.

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    Take a look at CC Crow's web site. lots of good information on casting.
    Fine Hydrocal Castings by C. C. Crow - Availability and Price List - Model Railroad Structure Kits and Masonry Castings
    Hope this might help

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    Thanks Woodone

    Another great link loaded with usefull How 2s.
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    All the Molding compounds one could possibly need for any situation and a guide on choosing the right mold material for each project!!

    Yoour Welcome!! Want to learn Metalsmithing next?? LOL

    The Compleat Sculptor - Casting Compound Index

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