Are there any SF/Fantasy train models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by TonyG2, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. TonyG2

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    Maybe this should be in the main section dealing with rolling stock? Anyway, I was watching the movie "Ghosts of Mars" yesterday (OK so sue me, I like crappy movies:) ) and got to thinking about SF trains generally

    So, Ghosts of Mars - Trans Marineris 75 Yankee - pretty much a mobile blockhouse running on normal rails

    Then there was the train in Spacehunter - a tad more fantasy than SF.

    The maglev train in an episode of Firefly etc

    I can see a use for SF styled trains in various formats. Bandits raiding a train in a game. A countdown - player characters have to fight their way to the train before it departs etc. Or just a plain standard diorama feature.

    World Works Games has a subway car type set up in the Mayhem range but beside that I've come up with nothing.

    Any suggestions?
  2. paperbeam

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  3. TonyG2

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    I have indeed and the file is safely squirrelled away on my hard drive. A tad more fantasy than the harder industrial SF flavour I had in mid though.
  4. widget

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    Wasn't there one in Arnie's "Total Recall"?
  5. sdk2knbk

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    In that case, you should like this one. Not a paper model (yet), but check out Supertrain, an old, short-lived tv series, here;

    Scott K.
  6. TonyG2

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    I thought I knew 'em all but I never heard of that series Supertrain before. Thanks for the heads up:thumb:

    Total Recall? I know there was a Subway system featured on Earth. Oh yeah, on Mars. You see a chunky train hauling round the "Lost Pyramid Mine" just as Quaid arrives on Mars.
  7. Elliott

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    I remember it. Mercifully short-lived. Not enough train. Not enough plot.
  8. Wbnemo1

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    I did some cads for this train...I want a model please

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