Are there any buildings not listed in the catalog still available

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by reg-nz, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. reg-nz

    reg-nz New Member

    Due to the limited buildings available in the catalogs I have seen so far. Has anyone got any sugestinos
  2. Zephyr

    Zephyr New Member

    Try eBay.

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  3. BobMcD

    BobMcD Member

    Gosh, if you're in the USA, the Walthers catalog has hundreds (maybe more) building kits available. Also, I've found that several hobby shops in my area (Boston, USA) have lots of older building kits that aren't made any more, and with a few exceptions they're still charging the old (lower) prices! That makes them a double bargain, in my opinion. Less expensive, and you won't see them going into lots of other layouts in your area.

    HO (and I'm assuming that's your scale because we're here) has far and away the most kits available of any scale, so you should have fertile grounds to search.

    I bought an old station kit for $13 and change, which my wife has built, lit, and detailed to look like a $100 kit. It's beautiful. Happy hunting.

  4. reg-nz

    reg-nz New Member

    thanks for the info Bob The problem is I am in New Zealand. Which is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Can you get me some more info on this catalog ,as I havn't seen it in NZ, the alternative is the address of your local hobby shops either Web or Email. This I hope will overcome my priblem
    Many thanks
  5. BobMcD

    BobMcD Member


    The largest of our local hobby shops is Charles Ro & Co., which is truly huge. They will ship international orders, and have a multi-page ad in most issues of Model Railroader magazine, with a lot of stuff listed. National Hobby Supply, in Marietta, GA. ships abroad, too. Another very complete hobby shop (perhaps the most complete I've ever used) is Terminal Hobby Shop in Milwaukee, Wis. I've ordered from them while living in Asia and Europe, and found them very reliable.

    Ro and Terminal should be able to get for you any item you see in MR magazine. I recommend the magazine highly, and if you can't get it locally, you can have it mailed to you. I'd expect you could find it at large magazine stands in Auckland, Christchurch, or other large cities.

    Do you have model railroad hobby shops in NZ? A lot of structure kits are made in the US, but also in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere.


    Model Railroader Magazine:

    What prototype(s) are you interested in? It's always fun to find stuff internationally, but the Internet does help.

  6. reg-nz

    reg-nz New Member

    Hi Bob, Just to let you know many thanks for your suggestions they were a great help.
  7. BobMcD

    BobMcD Member,
    No problem--that's why we're all here. I think I've gotten more help than I've given, so I'm still indebted to all here. Good luck with the buildings.

    I'm interested (and I'm sure I'm not alone) in the process of modeling in another country. It's so easy for us in the U.S. to take for granted hobby shops and other model railroaders. Anything you can tell us about your experiences will be interesting, so don't be shy. Are you planning a NZ scene, American, or just a more general railroad?

  8. Brian Martin

    Brian Martin New Member


    There is 3 other sources of info that many don't seem to know of. One is Canadian Railway Modeller which is produced in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (web site: This magazine has very cheap advertizing rates so you get ads from small businesses that you will never see in MR, RMC or any of the other large publications or the Walthers catalogue. Another is the Canadian Model Railway Manufacturers Association of which I am a founding member (email: This is a new group & again these are businesses that you won't find in Walthers, etc. A final source is Model Railroad News which is a colour tabloid style monthly publication from Merlin, Oregon, USA (email:


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