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    A REMINDER!! IF you do NOT want a thread archived, and you are the Originator of the thread, then you, ONLY THE ORIGINATOR, can make a post a bring it forward so it is not made read only.

    Anyone else doing it will be braking the forum rules. This is only for the Original Posters
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    @zathros : Will we keep this procedure so that every year at around Xmas / New Year all threads which become three years old are archived? Personally I would welcome that in order to prevent a repetition of the current situation.
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  4. zathros

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    Wasn't planning too. Maybe every couple of years? I don't see there being any situation, it just those 12 year old threads that really show some trimming is needed. We will have to wait and see on that. I will say that if your posts start having the images disappear, expect them to be deleted, and I am not giving prior notice. We allow direct uploading. It is people using imagine hosting services that end up with these threads with no pictures, and those will be deleted even if their a month old. There is no reason for this, and I have seen more of it lately so if you use a hosting service, take a look at you threads, in a couple of weeks I am going to start deleting them.
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    A quote in bold letters just to make it clear.

    I fully agree with that.

    Build and tutorial threads without pics are worthless. I see threads which have lost their pics in other forums very often and it annoys me quite a lot because it is a massive waste of time clicking through multi-page descriptions of something that cannot be seen.

    The service offered by some of these image hosters is sometimes very weird. Some of them allow only a couple of views in a month, so if a thread is very successful the pictures are replaced with a generic picture that says something like, no bandwith available, please check in next month. Others allow only a specific number of pictures to be uploaded and start deleting elder pictures without notifying the client.

    I often like to save build threads for future reference (file > save as ...). I have noticed that pictures which have been uploaded on photobucket are not saved doing that so I end up with a lot of posts but without the pics. I'll have to take screenshots to capture it all. Very annoying, too. :(

    So please, folks, use the picture upload service of Zealot. It is easy and very comfortable and makes sure that your beautiful threads will be enjoyed by future generations of fans. :)

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