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    Hi guys, ok here goes, I love this site and have gotten a lot of great information for all the questions I've posted,but I'm just wondering since all of Shamus's archive tutorials have been removed only to be purchased on his CD's,maybe some of you guys that have space on your sites would now step-up and take the chance to write some new ones,so new members like myself that come along and seem to ask same questions I asked could look there for some visual reference. I know that Charlie and a few others have put tutorials in response form but not in the archives. I know some of you "Senior" members must have some time on your hands even though your busy men and have railroads to run. Jon Monon I know with all the great work I've seen you produce and since you offered space to Shamus that you should grab the bull by the horns and go for it. I hope my forwardness does not offend anyone but inspires some great new archives.:D ;)
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    belg, I'm glad you like the gauge so much! I think it's important to clarify that the sad loss of those wonderful archives is a separate issue from the availability of some similar material on the CD. I don't believe what's on the CD is the same, it's quite different. Many of the topics that were in the archives are covered on the CD, but it's not a copy of the archives. The CD is a book. The archives are gone because the commercial web-site that housed the images is gone. I certainly don't blame Shamus for taking the Academy Archives out (because the images wouldn't have been there) rather than finding a new host and paying out of pocket. Although I initially offered my site to house the photo's, after we discussed the details, we decided it's not a viable alternative, as "my" web-site resources are not owned by me, I don't pay for it and it has to be considered temporary. For the same reason, I don' t plan to use the space I have available to me for how-to's or anything that people would grow to need as a reference. I just can't guarantee it will be there tomorrow.

    So I guess that leaves a couple of alternatives. Shamus, Charlie, and many others have written some tutorials, as you pointed out and they have also spent an enormous amount of time answering questions on many topics. This information doesn't drop off the bottom and disappear, it can be pulled up using the search feature, and if you are having trouble, you can ask and someone will help. The main thing is to put a * before and after a keyword or phrase (ex. *dog* will find anything with dog in it, like watchdog, doggone, doggy, I love my dogs and just plain dog).

    The other alternative would be to just buy the CD. It's not very expensive, especially when you consider they are hand copied, printed labeled and packaged. Nobody getting rich there.

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