Architectural Plans for Houses

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    There have been a couple of posts asking about plans for scratchbuilding in the last couple of weeks. The link below takes you to an electronic version of the 1917 Aladdin Home catalog. This was one of the bigger outfits that sold houses by rail/mail (but not as well known as Sears). The catalog has floor plans for all the models, measurements, and elevations, so it's real easy to scratchbuild without having guess too much. This is also a great resource for the kinds of houses, paint schemes, and landscaping that would've been typical in any US community from the early-1900s to the present. At the end they also have plans for barns, garages, and other typical suburban outbuildings.

    Central Michigan University Clarke Historical Library Aladdin Sales Catalog 1917
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    What a good resource! There are definitely some model railroad-sized buildings in there. And man, if I could get a house for less than $1000 now...

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