archbar trucks for Hn2 (1:24 on S-scale)

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  1. henrix72se

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    is there anyone who knows where to get archbar trucks for S-scale std 22.4mm gauge? and only have modern types.

    I am working on a small match factory and are using S-scale tracks to model two-foot in H-scale. (should be 1:26 but 1:24 is close enough for me)

    I have searched the net alot and find a so called "Ace Archbar", but can't locate the person(s) behind this.

    Another approach would be to convert bachmann On30 trucks, also closer to 'my' scale.

    any comment in this matter much appreciated!

    /Henrik Laurell, Sweden
  2. hawkeye2

    hawkeye2 New Member

    Ace/MMT trucks

    Ace/ Manheim Machine Tool archbar trucks are avaliable from; Scenery Unlimted
    7236 W. Madison St.
    Forest Park, IL 60130
    (708) 366-7763
    They are cast metal, unsprung, equalized w/ scale or hi-rail flanges, nylon, steel, or 1 side pickup wheels. They roll well but get the optional Delrin journal bushings. Wheelbase is way too short to work as trucks for the Maine 2' gauge roads.
  3. henrix72se

    henrix72se New Member

    many thanks! I contact them right off, /Henrik

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