April 3, 2006, a good day...

Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by ezdays, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. ezdays

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    ...well it was until I find there are no more custard donuts on the counter. Heck of a way to start the day.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: I need my energy because I'm heading up a MOW crew, we have to check every inch of old track on the Canyon State line. Seems like time, moving and rebuilding has taken its toll. We've replaced one bridge already and are in the process of repairing the mounts on a second one. We've go a busy week ahead. :D :D

    Hey, I hope everyone has a great week in store for them. Us, we're suppose to get some rain about mid-week. Don't know, we're still in the middle of a drought and the last few times they forecast rain, nada, nothing, zip... Sometimes it rains, but the air is so dry that it doesn't hit the ground. They have a name for it, the weather people call it "verga", us, we call if "frustrating".
  2. TomPM

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    Good morning folks

    After a great weather weekend we have some rain in the forecast today but the temperatures will still stay mild with highs in the sixties. With all the activities over the weekend I feel I need to come to work to recover. My daughter’s performance at the Gala concert on Saturday went off great. It was the first time she performed as part of large band in front of large crowd. Sunday was spent running around trying to find Easter outfits for the kids. My wife and kids did do some birthday shopping for me which meant a trip to Mitchell’s Hobbies. I get to find out what that got me later today.

    Not much happened on the modeling front. I did get the Atlas ARHS hoppers sealed. I also stopped at Wal-mart and picked up a half dozen of the Classic car aka Model Power cars.

    I hope everybody has a good day.
  3. Chief Eagles

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    Afternoon. TStorms coming through Raleigh/Rolesville, NC. Tookt eh computer off line and disconnected evrything for a while. Just back from Orlando Bass Pro Shops event. Home for a few before going to Myrtle Beach BPS event. Think I'll go run trains. :) Have a good one and God bless.

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