Apollo Saturn & LUT

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    That book is a great resource. It taught me a lot (even though I tremendously failed to work with Blender). I use SketchUp 8 for modeling and SketchUp 6 for exporting if necessary. SU is very intuitive and gives you control of every line you draw which is why I prefer it to other programs. It can be a bit daunting on occasion but the result is that counts.

    I use the Sketchup Flattery plugin to get a vector unfold. The part in question has to be unfolded manually (that gives you the best possible control of the result) and then exported as *.svg. The *.svg is imported in a vector program (I use CorelDRAW) and edited accordingly. If I need a bitmap unfold (because there is a bitmap texture I want to keep) I export the model into *.kmz(4) using SketchUp 6 and import it in Pepakura for unfolding. :)
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    Wow, that's a lot of steps!!
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    You mean in the book or in my post?
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