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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by littlemodeler, Jul 10, 2008.

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    lol...t'is a good thing i'm still in highschool:mrgreen:
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    I know what you mean. I am too. Jr yr.
  3. littlemodeler

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  4. littlemodeler

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    err no...sorry i'm grade 10:p
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    Ahh...Sophomore...hehe...well lets not use the board to chat about Highschool. but I do plan on taking my models in for my AFJROTC class. They will come in handy during the space portion of the program. :D
  6. littlemodeler

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    cool:p i'm using this project for my english nonfiction study, i chose apollo 13 (cuz i get to model it) and so far its great. I hope i can get these models done in time for my presentation. originally this was suposed to occupy part of my free time but now its for academics.
  7. underwoodl06

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    Sounds like a good way to get a model done and a good grade at the same time.
  8. kk135

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    Holy smokes Little Modeler - terrific build.
    And I'd hate to say how long it's been since I was in H.S. :eek:
  9. littlemodeler

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    lol:p thanks for the comment kk135!:D
  10. I am a Senior. Fancy that. Oh-- you mean high school? Sorry I am just a senior senior. You know an old fart old enough to well never mind. I am really pleased to see you young folks taking an interest in both card modeling and the space program. You guys don;t know the excitement that we all felt when Niel A. landed on the moon. Everything in the world stopped for those few minutes when he decended the ladder. I am sure you will experience something as earth shattering as that when you are a little older. Maybe even the first men on mars. Whatever. Enjoy your life get all you can while you can and make your parents proud.
  11. underwoodl06

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    I can already pretty much get an idea of how the world felt seeing the first steps, I find it amazing that the world had only just 60 years before that perfected heavier than air flight and were already on the moon. Big breakthroughs and there were no boundries. I Just hope that we can all learn from our past mistakes and make the world one again. It only seems like the world was united and everyone was the same. I hope the next landing can do the same and get the same reaction.

    My dream is to work for NASA and maybe, just maybe fly on a mission whether it be to the International Space Station or to the moon, or onto Mars. I'd gladly fill that seat. To experience it all for the sake of mankind. I think the contributions of the space program to all of us are just unbelievable. We wouldn't have half of the things we have today without the will to explore space. Satellite TV, Long distance Cell phones, and many other technologies. I want to contribute to everyone with what I do in the future. To make the world better. And to gain knowledge. I am mesmerized by John F. Kennedy's quote of our reason to explore.

    "..some say, the moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas? We choose to go to the moon..."

    And I feel that we should carry this with us when we go to Mars...because we choose to.
  12. littlemodeler

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    Same here. up to now my biggest dream is to fly whether up in the sky, in a low orbit, to the moon, mars, or beyond. When i watched the apollo 11 landing on the discovery channel, i found myself holding my breath and my eyes glued to the t.v until the first step was made. unfortunately it was only a recording and i can only imagine what it would've been like to witness it back then or to even view a launch of the Saturn V.

    Now i can only i let my imagination run wild whenever i'm building these models of spacecraft that carried the first men to space and even to the moon. Even watching the movie Apollo 13 and reading the book or watching documentaries from the discovery channel stimulates a feeling as if i were there when it happened. But they are of the past and can no longer be repeated. Fortunately a new era will begin with even greater ambitions, goals, and risks flying anywhere from the international space station to mars and beyond. Someday i hope, i can also make the same journey that the previous astronauts have taken and walk on the same landscape that they once walked on.

    As for now we can remember and honour NASA and the crew's that journeyed to space and walked on the moon, and the world's effort to make it all happen with our models, our thoughts, our dreams and our passion to continue on the journey to explore and enjoy the universe that God has given us to marvel at.
  13. littlemodeler

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    hello everyone! so far no updates because i am trying to find all of my stocked up 1 mm cardstock. they appear to have dissapeared thus stalling my progress on the service module and LEM. For now i am drawing together research on the F:1 engine which will be started after the completion on the CSM and LEM stack. also i am currently waiting on Waeschen's stage two and interstage to which he is adding detail which complement those of Greelt's stage one. Hopefully i can post progress on these models sometime soon.:D
  14. Today the F-1 in paper tomorrow ---mars. Immagine the stories you will tell your grandchildren. Unfortunately I won't be around to see it but we had ours, now it's your turn.

    Keep up your goals guys. All the Astronauts were one in high school like you. In fact Roger Chaffee went to my high school and graduated a few years ealrier. He gave our commencement address. When he died in the fire the whole city went into morning. Much like when John Kennedy got killed.
    I was in the Navy by this time. Well look at me ramble on. I wish my kids were half as interested in the space program as you kids are.
  15. littlemodeler

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    Must've been quite the tragedy back then. Even now after i read the first half of Apollo 13 (the book by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger) the tragedy of apollo 1 stirs up thoughts and emotions inside. The path to the moon did come at a great cost. During the past few days i've written a paper on the first half of the book, and the space program is really interesting and the historical events and the obstacles that they over came were remarkable. Well after finishing that paper i continued on the saturn v. So far i have the CSM and part of the launch escape tower, which i still need to scratch build tubes for the tower itself. i've moved on to stage three and soon i'll be needing stage 2. I don't have pics yet but as soon as i get new things finished i'll post some more pics of the build. untill next time...

  16. Dyna-Soar

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    Haha! Senior. :p
  17. Robot Exodus

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    Hey littlemodeler!
    I'm in high school as well. I'm a sophomore (10th grade).

    I also have a deep interest in space exploration. I've only been making paper models for a few months, though. My current project is U-Don's 1:48 scale lunar module. I just finished the incredible detailed ascent stage; however, I have not found the time to start the descent stage yet (though I'm probably going to do some of it today). Once I finish the LM, I want to build surfduke's CSM to go with it.

    Have you read the book A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin? I highly recommend it; it is the most interesting book about the Apollo program by far. It covers in detail all the manned Apollo missions in a narrative format. Mr. Chaikin interviewed ALL of the Apollo astronauts (except for Jack Sweigart of Apollo 13, who died in 1982) to write this book. That's how complete it is. After that, you can read Apollo, the Race to the Moon, which is basically a complete history of the Apollo missions from the ground up.


    And then there's the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon and the amazing documentary In the Shadow of the Moon.

    Yeah, I'm a serious space geek. :D My ultimate dream is to become an astronaut and be one of the people to walk on the moon or on Mars. The new Constellation project looks promising.
  18. Shin_kazama

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    Greetings from a space freak fromPhilippines!

    hey juast like you are, i am a space geek myself, and my favorite spacecraft are shuttles and apollo vehicles....

    well i am dismayed by lack of interest of my countrymen into space exploration, instead, they show interests in TV and movie celebreties.

    i remember once writing an article in my highschool(now college, BS information tech) about columbia's demise, and i got remarks like: we dont have space shuttle, no space shuttle in phils.

    so that is the typical filipino mindset, actors and actresses, and hot gossips.

    so dismaying...

    oh, my ultimate dream?

    Fly my country's First spacecraft(or) the space shuttle (hopefully handed down to my country or a local space entepreneur) and be the first filipino to walk outside earth's bounds(via the 2018 project ORION.).
  19. Robot Exodus

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    Wow, Shin Kamaza, I'm a Filipino too!

    Well, technically I am an American citizen but my parents were born and raised in the Philippines before they moved to America.

    An interesting coincidence isn't it? I'll race you to the moon! :D

    It's a shame that so many people don't care about space exploration today. It's also a shame that we landed on the moon successfully six times and then we stopped. We need to resume extraterrestrial manned missions. As Arthur C. Clarke put it, "The Space Age hasn't started yet."
  20. Shin_kazama

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    well i hope and pray some filipinos like us would make it in time for project orion.

    well i am also dismayed by the soon retirement of the 3 of the shuttle fleet...

    those shuttles may still be useful for ferrying orion landers to and from the moon, though the shuttle may never land on moon.

    okay, i have trouble having my 1/48 apollo CSM printed on silver sticker paper throu laser printer in a local print shop.

    are there available silver paper in local bookstores? i dont think some laser printers can digest silver paper.

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