Apollo 15 Landing site diorama / 1:48 / freemodel

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by wedge, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. wedge

    wedge Member

    If you are interested in my first model - the Lunar Rover from ABC (1:24), maybe I can use the same technique and take some photos , but I think that it will be only inexpressive small brother of the Aoollo 15 diorama :)
  2. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Go for it ! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    This might give you a few photography tips:

    NASA to sue Snappy Snaps over Mars Photos

    Probably not. :mrgreen:

  3. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Well, all my thoughts have already been written by previous posters, so


    I'll concur with Bengt's thoughts, I really like the footprints in the dust. That really makes the diorama look crash hot, and does justice to the effort you've put into the models.

    Was that other "flag", the mirror NASA bounced laser beams off?

    Well done.

  4. Mechanic

    Mechanic Member

    Don't mean to sound stupid, but how do you view POTW. I know I read it some time ago, but making changes to my preferences since the changeover, well, it was a PITA and I gave up.
  5. londonbluemisty

    londonbluemisty Wayne P

  6. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    POTW, Front Page

    Thanks, Wayne,

    I have to admit I´ve been having the same problems with viewing the POTW.
    I will make this my front page or portal now and bookmark it.

    Bengt :thumb:
  7. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    This diorama looks GREAT!!!!

    I especially like the footprints on the ground. Very realistic looking.

    NICE JOB!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

  8. theanalogkid

    theanalogkid Member

    It obviously was faked. Using paper models and a few toy astronauts.lol
    Damn fine job.
  9. SinAfterSin

    SinAfterSin New Member

    Unbelievable! How does one compete with that?

    Beautiful work. Something to aspire to!

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