Anyone use Mianne benchwork?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by nolatron, Nov 19, 2004.

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    I'm getting close to point of starting but I don't really have a wide array of tools, wood cutting stuff, or even a real work bench.

    So...I came across this site this morning and was interested to see if anyone has purchased a product from them. Curious to the stablity of their benchwork compared to normal plywood constructed frames and overall opinion.

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    I haven't used it, but based on my woodworking experience, combined with my experience professionally putting together RTA stuff, their product looks pretty good. It will be as stable, or more so, than pretty much any of the plywoods you'll find at the local Borg. Engineered structural members are a big thing in full scale construction, precisely because of the uniformity and stability they offer, Mianne has simply implemented it on a smaller scale.

    Based on the descriptions at Sievers vs. Mianne's, the Mianne benchwork will be less susceptible to humidity induced expansion and contraction, i.e., it will be more stable. One plus for the Sievers benchwork is that it does, at least from the photos, appear to be constructed of Southern Yellow Pine, as opposed to White Pine and Ponderosa Pine, which are weaker and are the commonly available pine lumber's out here. Yet, the Poplar used by Mianne is comparable, and Mianne's I-beam engineering should result in a more stable construction.

    If you don't have the tools, and you aren't interested in spending the money on investing in tools, or the much increased time involved in doing it by hand tools, then either of the benchwork systems would be a big benefit for you. Of the two, I'd lean towards the Mianne's myself.
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    Thanks for link and info.

    I'll probably hit the local hardware store this weekend to look at prices and stuff just to get an idea on the cost between building myself and buying RTA, though I'm kinda leaning towards RTA, heh. :)

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