Anyone try this Product?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Nazgul, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Nazgul

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  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Have not had experience with this, but have painted rails two ways -

    1) Spray everything with a rust and/or brown/black "rust paint". Weathers rails, ties and everything you do not mask. Quick, easy, but maybe not the best method. Can require some "touch up" after. Plus railheads and moving parts in turnouts have to be protected.

    2) Use a suitable size brush. This can accomplish everything the roller claims to do, including hitting the tops of the spikes if desired. Maybe not as "quick and easy" as the roller device claims to be, but there is virtually no learning curve or fiddling to do. also clean-up is easy (wash the brush ;)).

    I have also heard that paint markers are good for this task.

  3. brakie

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    Guys,I don't think that product is really needed..Allow me to explain..For $.99-1.50 I can buy a spray can of Krylon primer-a nice rust color-and spray paint my track or I can use a Testor brush,turn on the Oldies but Goodies and paint the rails just as easily while rockin' with the oldies.:D

    I used the Krylon Primer on these rails.

  4. RailRon

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    Steve, I would say that I'm indifferent. But frankly, perhaps my method uses up more time, but the result just the same looks satisfactory to me. For me here in Europe I had to add a substantial amount for postage, so FOR ME it wouldn't pay off. Judge for yourself!

    I used a #4 brush and slightly water-thinned oxide red acrylic paint. Then I slobbered the paint on the rails from both sides, trying to hit more or less only the sides of them - and at the time I didn't care much if I hit the rail tops or not. I did about 2 yards at a time, then I cleaned off the rail tops with household tissue. This is is the state shown in picture 1.

    After the paint dried, I ballasted the track with granite sand (I bought it as 'bird sand' in a pet shop). Pcture 2 shows the final state of the track on this bridge.

    Brakie: So YOU buy a spray can of Krylon primer for $1.00-1.50??? :eek: Here in Switzerland such a can costs at least $6-7!!! Lucky guys, what you are! :D :D :D


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  5. brakie

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    Ron,We have places like Wal-Mart,Family Dollar and General Dollar stores where we can buy such items on the cheap..These stores help save hobby dollars..Shoot our Wal-Mart even carries joint compound and small bags of plaster!
    Yes,here in the States we are bless with good prices on many products we use in the hobby..I wish that was so in other countries like yours.
  6. jflessne

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    I've used the foam brushes sometimes used for staining. Seems to work well and no brush marks.
  7. Nazgul

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    Thank you everyone for your prompt responses. For the price+shipping...I was going to have to hear it was the best thing since sliced bread or some such thing. I've started to paint my track with a small brush and I'm happy with the results, but I remember seeing this product and thought I would pick the brains of the members here. I will take everyone's advice and do it the way I have been and save the $$$$. Here's a pic of a small section of track I painted with a brush and some cheap craft store paint.

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  8. I may be wrong, but i started useing my Badger airbrush and air compressor set at about 4-5 psi and spray the rails with floquil rail brown, seems to work real well for me.
  9. shaygetz

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    Wal-Mart Nutmeg Brown craft paint, straight from the bottle and a 29 cent brush....

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  10. Thoroughbreed

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    The cheaper to weather, the more $$$$$ for cars and locos eh?:thumb:
    Always gotta have more rolling stock:D
  11. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    ...sifted parking lot dirt for ballast, too:thumb: Gotta stretch it somewhere, them lokeys ain't cheap, even the bargain basement ones I buy.
  12. Nazgul

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    Steve, If I had a decent airbrush I would try it. The narrowest spray pattern I can get on mine is about 2 Feet! tooth1

    Bob, that picture says it all. Some day I hope to achieve that type of realism on my layout. I always look at your pics...they give me something to shoot for and shows me what's possible....they make "good enough", not good enough....Thank you.
  13. shaygetz

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    You're welcome. I do appreciate the kind words, Nazgul. I've always tried to keep two watchwords to guide my model work and advice --- affordable and attainable. If I've done that, I enjoy it that much more.
  14. Herc Driver

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    Bob - that picture is great! Really well done.

    Larry, Ron and Steve - Your's look really good too. I like the way the rails are covered.

    As for me and my rails...I ended up painting them with a 00 brush which seemed to fit N-gauge track well with a mixture of Poly Rust, Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna. My mistake though was getting some isopropyl alchohol into the mix which disperses the paint on the slick rails unevenly. So I've had to go back and re-paint them, and need to again to get a perfectly even rusty coverage. I found taking a picture with a flash exposes all the areas I missed that my eye just can't see well.

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