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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 27, 2002.

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  1. AzNDRAGster

    AzNDRAGster New Member

    The only way you can paint off is with dentured alcahol.
  2. AzNDRAGster

    AzNDRAGster New Member

    It depends on what car you have.
  3. big_mike

    big_mike New Member

    i got a question how can i clean my frame it has a whole **** load of dirt in it and i want to clean it withouut braking it!

    any help would be appreciated thanx
  4. PCKX

    PCKX New Member

    i just bought a os .15 cvr for my RTR3 and i need to know how to tune it the best way
  5. DannoH

    DannoH New Member

    I want to install one of the OS FS-26-C four stroke motors into my Nitro TC3. Has anyone successfully made this conversion before? Does it work well? I have access to aluminum parts fabrication equipment and experience with performing custom modifications. Is this a waste of time?
  6. PCKX

    PCKX New Member

    i have a RS4 RTR3 with a brand new OS .15 cv-x engine in it and i need to know what hops ups i should get next?? should i get a two speed trans or a new pipe???
  7. budracer1

    budracer1 New Member

    ok guys i bought my first nitro car.its an associated TC3 RTR.i followed the break in procedure but the whole time having problems keeping the car was either idling too high or too low and would turn off.on the 4th tank i adjusted the carb again,and idling was good car ran the whole tank of fuel with no problems.i let it cool for about 10 minutes and started it again,but every time i pulled the glow pug starter off the motor would shut off.i adjusted the idling but never could find a sweet spot.can one of you experts help me with adjusting this carb.i have the high speed out 2 1/2 turns,low speed out 2 turns and idle set where ever i can get it to idle without stalling or pulling.also there is an insert in the carb (small teflon funnel looking thing)it came out with the breather once and i put it back,but i noticed my buddys rs43 does not have this question is do i need it in there and if so how do you make sure its positioned correctly.and my last question is at low speeds the car has a real tight turning radius and at high speeds it pushes like a snow plow what are some fixes for this.THANKS FOR YOUR HELP GUYS,HATE TO SOUND LIKE A MORON BUT LIKE I SAID THIS IS MY FIRST NITRO AND WE ALL HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.



    Just because you doesnt mean you should!!
  8. Thiscush

    Thiscush New Member

    I have a nitro TC3 and I need to decide what engine to put in it. I want to go as fast as possible and I dont care how much it cost.
    My buddy has a Nitro Fusion and I would love to beat him. he has three speed tranny and a .21. What can I do.
  9. Dyne

    Dyne New Member

    need help! I recently aquired a partially assembled Original RC10 Buggy kit from an old friend of my parents (I'm 13...) it was mostly assembled but needed a few parts for the transmission. Thus, I ordered the parts and fully assembled the car but the motor I had for it doesn't work and I don't have any other engines I could use. The original car needs a special gear head for the motor, any other gear head doesn't fit on the spur gear correctly. My question is can you remove an electric motor gear head and put it on another motor and if so, how? Also, I was wondering, how do you install a gear head on a brand new engine that doesn't have one? Thanks!
  10. i was wonder how to make the back of the nmt stand up. because it kind of sags in the back. also when i put it on a box and start it the wheel move. is their a way i can get it to idol without the tires moving and without appling the brake.
  11. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    Hi, I'm Jason and I need some help finding an offroad buggy. I am VERY new to this so the simplest instructions would be greatly appreciated. I was looking into a nice .21 engine. I'd like a max speed of over 20 MPH. $500 or less is my limit. Plx reply. Thanx.
  12. VINMAN463

    VINMAN463 New Member


    I am completely lost with the radio's If you can give me some information it would be greatly appreciated!! I have an ofna 1/8 scale nitro ultra lx pro and a Traxxas emax, and i am looking into getting a touring car probably team losi xxx-s OR ASSOCIATED TC3. The 2 R/C'S that i have now came with am radios. I was told FM is the way to go!! So i was looking at the JR Racings xs3. But then i saw the EX-10 HELIOS KR-302F AND WAS WONDERING WHAT TO DO?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME. Iwant to get a good radio that will work all the r/c so i don't need 3 radios.
  13. rcosmax

    rcosmax Member

    VINMAN463, There are several mid range radios with quality options that you can buy that will run multiple rcs, Futaba is expensive but sweet. every option you could ever want in a variety of fm frequencies, they are expensive and you need to buy servos seperately. I just bought a airtronics sanwa mx-3. It has many of the more frequently used options as the futaba but it is way way cheaper and comes with reciever and high torque servos. I like it and im changing all of my rcs to run on the one controller, it can take 5 rcs. Maybe someone else ou there has some other opinions, I forget the name but i think the modle is called JR. it is a competitor of the mx-3 and has a lap timer which is cool. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. X x AcE x X

    X x AcE x X New Member

    do you know when the rs4 evo is coming out...and what is a good car magazine to subscribe to..thanks
  15. niceroova

    niceroova New Member

    the rs4 3 has a standard .15 engine and a single speed tranny, also comes with all the radio gear and is pre built. The SS kit is not built and has the upgraded .12 1+ HP engine. Also comes with the 2 speed tranny. This kit doesn't have any radio gear.
  16. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    HELP! plz! ... im going to buy a nitro 1/10th scale car...but witch one!? i'm a begginer and have been referd to the RS4-3 on numoures occasions! so i did a lot of research and made a decision to buy the latest model : the going to get in Feb...OR SHUD I?! ANY THING I SHUD KNOW B4 BUYING IT?!....PLZ HELP!
  17. rc-crazy

    rc-crazy New Member

    Personally i statrted out wit a rs4 3 ss and the putting it together was not that complicated at all. also the end results for the ss are alot better. for example my freeind has the rs43 the prebuilt and we always race, and i always win by atleast 10 - 20 feet
  18. I have recently bought a street force gp, and has been used. the manual tells me to break in the engine should i break it in if it is already broken in?
  19. tc3alex

    tc3alex New Member

    [?] im going to get a tc3 racer kit and this is my first on road ive had a rustler. they recommend a high torque servo for the much torque should i have in my servo? thx:)
  20. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    dnt get TC3..get HPI RS4-3 EVO..jus w8 till me!
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