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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 27, 2002.

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  1. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    The MT is the exact same chassis save for the suspension arms, shocks, and dogbones. Gearing is also different. But heres the deal. The reason that the RS4 is so hard to control at high speeds is the slop in the steering. It sways badly. Attached is a link to a 100MPH story with the RS4. And in no way did you neighbors go even close to that fast, so give it up.The 101MPH RS4
    Pay close attention to all the modifications and the engine that was used. Sorry but .68 Horses aint gonna do it and that is the stock Horsepower of a Hpi .15.
  2. NitroDevil85

    NitroDevil85 New Member

    Any suggestions for a radio, receiver, servo, and a ESC. Any suggestions would be grate. Because I want to get the kit of the micro rs4 and not the RTR. I don’t know much about transmitters, receivers, servos, and ESC’s. That is why I need help. Also if you have any suggestions on airbrushes that would be helpful also.
  3. sokit2oome

    sokit2oome New Member

    I"ve been trying to adjusting the 2 speed on my yokomo gt4.I just don't know which screw to adjust.I tryed both of the screws but nothing happens.
  4. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    I think the 2 speed is the shoe type with the two screw on each side setup. Adjust the screws all the way in without tightening the **** out of em. then adjust the screws out 2 1/2 turns each. That should be pretty close to the stock setting. Just remember that every time you turn one screw you must turn the other the same amount. The tighter you make them the later the shift point. (it will take more rpms to allow the clutch to engage the housing. The looser you make them the faster it will shift into second. Too loose and you will pretty much start out in second gear. So make the adjustments by about a 1/2 turn to fine tune and get the shift point that your after.
  5. nitroracer

    nitroracer New Member

    rockn that 101.7 mph rs4 is ****ing amazing
  6. maxxed02

    maxxed02 New Member

    i have a question about my tmaxx it has hop ups and all a got a new clutch and everything but when i go to take off the truck stutters and then revs up is that normal or is just because of the 2 speed tranny.
  7. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    yes NITRORACER that car is waay cool.

    MAXXED it sounds like your running a little too rich in the low end. The reason I would guess its too rich is if there is too much fuel in the cylinder the motor will work harder (kinda choke out) to burn it and then once it is down to a normal level it will run fine. Try to lean it out just a little like 1/4 turn and see if that helps. The only thing that a 2-speed will effect is the gearing such as if your trying to take off and the truck just luggs along the set screws for the second gear may be too loose. Causing the tranny to start out in second gear. If you think that may be the problem (its not if the car/truck shifts fine) then just tighten the set screws a little and make sure that you adjust both of them the same amount of turns.
  8. green growler

    green growler New Member

    Hi folks, does anyone have any idea where I could find a set of instructions on how to set up and tune a Kyosho GX12 engine ??? [?]
    Just brought second hand and need to set it up, as it doesn't run to well, but it didn't come with any intsructions so I have no idea what the basic factory settings are supposed to be.

    Cheers. :)
  9. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Contact the manufacturer at their site or via telephone. Other than that It may be pretty impossible. LOL good luck.
  10. yosteel

    yosteel New Member

    I have a question nobody can answer. Here is a picture of a nitro rs4 rtr3,who makes or where can I find rims like these. notice the back rim is deep dish and the front isn`t. Iv`e only seen rims like these made for hpi micros. Can you please tell me because I have searched everywhere.


    Image Insert:
    42.67 KB
  11. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    After 2 hours of searching and looking at pictures from towerhobbies and many other hobby sites, I have come the the conclusion.
    The rims were painted white
    The rims have a chrome plating
    They are whittled from wood in some guys free time. LOL
    I cannot find them anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. The closest thing is the RPM "STARZ" wheel made from aluminum. Good luck in finding them. Sorry I couldn't help ya out more.

    By the way where did you get the picture from. Perhaps the site that posted the pic knows who owns it and thus can give you the type of rims.
  12. nitro4ever

    nitro4ever New Member

    hey rockn82 i have a nitro mt so all is you need is some smaller parts and it will go faster
  13. nitro4ever

    nitro4ever New Member

    how fast do any of you think my nitro mt goes with cvec pipe on road tires it lowered alot traxxas manifold 2 speed trans spur gear 52t 49t bell cluch gear 14t 11t fantom 15fr thakz
  14. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    hey nitro use my speed calculator to find out how fast it goes. While the speed is not exact it is very close. and just click on "SPEED CALCULATOR".
    Just so you know the hop-ups for the engine will have no effect on top speed as when figuring speed, horsepower is irrelevent. The only thing that matters is just your max RPM (under load)

    PS. If you want faster go buy a two-speed for the RS4 3. Same thing but threaded pinion so you can really play with the gear ratios. I have a top of 64.5 with mine. But you can barely control it at that fast. LOL happy speeding...
  15. Derek

    Derek New Member

    Hi all - NSHAN asked this question like two months ago -
    "hi please tell me is accosiated rc10 nitro dual sport with .12 cv power os engine that gos 60mph better then a nitrotc3 or a hpi rs4 3 ss
    whitch on is better what are the prices"
    Im new to nitro (only have t3 and various electrics) so his question remains - is an associated ntc3 worth the money over the cheaper/older dual sport? - thanks
  16. ninen

    ninen New Member

    hi, i'm new here. i just traded my 6 year old kyosho super ten to a kyosho pure ten mark1. can any of you guys help me with some setup tips? tnx!:)
  17. ninen

    ninen New Member

    hi, i'm new here. i just traded my 6 year old kyosho super ten to a kyosho pure ten mark1. can any of you guys help me with some setup tips? tnx!:)
  18. Marc_T

    Marc_T New Member

    Hi, Ive just got a Kyosho GX12 petrol rc car and id like more power so that I my be able to race it. I dont know nothing about rc cars as this is my first so please could u help me out. Is it a engine change I need??? As I say I am new to this so please dont take the mick.

    Ps can u recomend any good web site for getting parts???

    Hope to hear from you soon, Marc
  19. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Well Marc if you are new. Your right "slow at first". Learn to drive your car. Nothing beats a car that is stock, because the parts that you break while learning to manuver at high speeds, turning with good acceleration and braking techniques will be cheaper. After you have a good handle on it, go with a new clutch bell and spur gear. That will give you a higher speed or faster acceleration (which ever you are looking for) for about $20.00. The last thing I would recommend for a beginner is a brand new 1.25 BHP engine. Because it probably won't last long and there goes $200.00. Besides as you get into racing you will learn that the fastest most powerfull cars won't always win the race alone. It's driver experience. That's the most important. Learn setups and learn proper ways to maintain the vehicle and engine. After you toast your first engine or outgrow it, then buy a bigger one. Learn tires and performance of each compound on different surfaces. I think the best way to really learn to drive is to play a game of "tag" with another RC'er. (a ribbon tied on to the back of the vehicle works well) That will teach you how your vehicle will react to slow speed turns into full accel. Good luck if you need more just ask.
  20. Marc_T

    Marc_T New Member

    Thanx Rock, ive allways wanted to race rc cars for years and could never could aford one but I got this wee car for £100 thats about $120 your money so I think its a good buy. The only problem with learning to drive them is that no other person near me has one so there goes that ideaa. Well I guess it all takes time and im only 23 so time I have. Thanx for the info.

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