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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 27, 2002.

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  1. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    Ask your question here and by the next day you will have an answer.

  2. RCboy

    RCboy New Member

    hi what is the diffrents between the hpi nitro rs4 3 type ss and a hpi nitro rs4 3
  3. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    the only difference if the rs4 3 ss (super sport) and the rs4 3 is that the ss has better shocks and a better gear ratoi because it is a ss (super sport). but not difference to brag about. just a nicer name (if you want to put it that way) and better speeds. otherwise they are the same.

  4. RCboy

    RCboy New Member

    can you transform a hpi niro mt into a hpi nitro rs4 3 or something close to it
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    RC BOY -- been there done that.

    MY nmt has gone to and back. I guess i prefered the ability to go everywhere. The chassis's are almost identical and the setup is almost the same. Differences are the sus.arms, size of tires, body size, dogbones, tranny. However its not worth it in my opinion. I can make my nmt go just as fast as its counterpart. its all gearing and power ratios. Go to my site for a calculator for speed and for a target speed calculator. They will help you more than you know.
    Radio Controlled Tips and Tricks
    I have now been to 62.8 MPH with the NMT.
  6. Subaru man

    Subaru man New Member

    Please help me........

    I have just bought a Kyosho Pure Ten GX12 radio control car, and i tried starting (breaking it in) it this morning. After pouring the fuel into the tank (80% as it says) placing the Glo-start on and doing all the other stuff on the instructions, i came to pushing the prima button and no</u> fuel went through . After trying loads of methods, i finally tipped the car so the fuel poured through the pipe, into the carberetor which might have been the wrong thing to do [?]. So i placed the glo-start back on and started pulling the cord to start the engine. But whatever i seem to try, the engine will not start.

    Please will someone tell me what i can do to start the engine or give me possible explanations why it won't start. ;)thanks
  7. popkidd90

    popkidd90 New Member

    subaru did u get it running?
  8. nshan

    nshan New Member

    hi please tell me is accosiated rc10 nitro dual sport with .12 cv power os engine that gos 60mph better then a nitrotc3 or a hpi rs4 3 ss
    whitch on is better what are the prices
  9. backyardbasher4life

    backyardbasher4life New Member

    hey what i think is better is the hpi rs4 my friends was clocked at 76.4 mph with stock motor and has a 2-speed tranny, the tc3 goes about 50 out of the box but i havent heard about the dually
  10. nitroman88

    nitroman88 New Member

    lol a stock rs4 doesnt get near 76 mph where did you get that??????? acording to the june 2002 issue of RC CAR ACTION a rs4 2 rtr tops out at 28.32 mph. a rtr 3 tops out at 32.76 mph
  11. backyardbasher4life

    backyardbasher4life New Member

    were did u get the car was stock? i said the motor was stock u dummy read my post better
  12. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Since I own the Rsr mt and have done many different gear ratio combinations it is not possible to go that fast with a stock HPI Nitro Star .15 FE the engine has a maxumum Rpm range of about 27000 RPM and you would need gears of the 23T pinion(clutch) and a 34T spur gear. Making the truck impossible to accelerate. Been there done that. I think someone said before if you don't wanna sound dumb stop posting replies. Looking at what you have posted in the past in regards to what you post for answers I wonder where you get some of this stuff too. You have asked so many easy novice questions (how do i know when i need a rebuild?) for example and you turn around and post stuff like vapor lock. Trust me its you making you look stupid and not anyone else.
  13. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    And by the way HPI doesn't even make a 34T spur.
  14. backyardbasher4life

    backyardbasher4life New Member

    yea dude hes my neighbor and im not the only person that logs in my name my cousin gos on it and cant always ask me and were did u get 34t spur gear from?
  15. backyardbasher4life

    backyardbasher4life New Member

    o yea and the motor is stock just has add ons like twin boost bottle stage 3 head piston, sleeve carb. and even with all that stuff on there the motor is still stock just a little modified
  16. Zbytovsky

    Zbytovsky New Member

    Hay backyardbasher4life how can you call yourself smart in anyway. First you can not have a motor that is stock if it is modified in anyway. THATS MODIFIED. Secound I think that you are trying to pass the buck on being dumb if your cousin is actually on your computer its as simple as loging out and make him use his own name. Considering that half of your replied seem to be pulled out of you butt. Remember there are people that can put 2 and 2 together on half of your lies.
  17. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    The 34T spur gear and the 23T pinion gear are the required gearing to reach the misticle 76.4 MPH. READ MY POSTS BETTER. And yes that is the second gear of a two speed tranny. Not to mention that the rs4 mt is almost uncontrollabe at speeds of 55 or higher. the "STOCK" motor will not push the vehicle to that fast. There is not enough torque. Even with a modified Stock motor, you will not have the power to go that fast. As for your Boost Bottles the only purpose of those is to store a small amount of vaccuum to balance the pressure in the crankcase of an engine. It is not a form of NITRUS OXIDE. There is no significant performace value to a boost bottle. And with all that other stuff you are not going to increase the amount of RPM's the .15fe can handle. Adding more horsepower to an engine has no effect on top speed. As I said before HORSEPOWER IS IRRELEVANT WHEN FIGURING A TOP SPEED. If you are going to say how modified the chassis is the only other thing that will effect the top speed with an RS4 and that can be changed is the tires. If you go to a smaller tire then you will have to use even smaller gears. Which you deffinatly will not find. Unless you made then yourself. Which no doubt you can do, right? In life you will come across two types of people. People that are smart and the people that just act the part. Everyone on this forum knows which line you are on.
  18. mei2b

    mei2b New Member

    I have some questions or some directions.. I am new to the RC world and I just bought a RS4 3 RTR car. I added a tuned pipe, 2 speed trany, and a Hi Po air cleaner. I have yet to run the car. Anyways I was wondering what is the best or one of the best motors that is a bolt on for this car? Im not sure what is better the pull start or non. What exactly is needed if I buy a non-pull type motor. Now I don't want to spend $500 but I also don't want to buy something that is or about the same as the motor I have now(the FE). Spring is around the corner and I have money burning holes in my pockets! LOL I was also wondering what parts to replace(drivetrain, suspension, handling) to make the car better.. I really don't plan on racing it just driving it around the parking lot. Im sure with all that plastic something should be changed right? Anyways any help or links would be great. I just don't want to buy something then later realize it was a waist and I really needed something else.
  19. jookmasta

    jookmasta New Member

    i just recently aquired a 1/10 r/c car. its electric and uses a 9.6volt. the company that makes it is MA and everywhere on the chassis of the car is littered with MA. even the tires. i was wondering if anyone knows anything about this company. it came with a corvette c5-r body. its gray and black and the decals are daytonaish. im looking to change the body tho. any advice?
  20. backyardbasher4life

    backyardbasher4life New Member

    hey and i got another question when did i say the car was a rsr mt? and if u cant drive a car doing 55 u a bad driver it basicly drives its self
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