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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. xerox

    xerox Member

    hi mp racing my name is xerox and i want to ask you something what can i do to my nitro rush to make if faster without changing:
    -my plate
    -my engine
    so what do you think I should do.thanx
  2. steven

    steven New Member

  3. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    you can use any manifold that will be similair to this one pictured, as long as the ending points forward.

    and about the pipe, you can use any pipe, but the best ones to use are the odonnel power pipe or a cvec tuned pipe system.

  4. steven

    steven New Member

    thanks alot for the info i am already looking at some options from towwer hobbies theyt dont seem to carry odonnel models i would be grateful if you can tell me some places where to buy i live in canada so online shopping would be best on last thing i wasent to clear about what you said about the manifold pointing forward do you mean the part that extends to where the silicone tube attaches or the actual piece that screws on to the engine one again thank you for the info
  5. xerox

    xerox Member

    hey mp yo were talking to my bro steven and you were telling him about a mainfold and i was just woundering does that really make a big difference or can i keep the same one on and just put on an exaust.
  6. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    yea you can put on any pipe. but another manifold is just personall preferance.

    i mean the end that you connect both the manifold and pipe together points forward, thats the only manifold you can get.

  7. xerox

    xerox Member

    hey mpracing thanx for the info but, will it make my car faster, and also what is a good servo for my gas and break, so that when i hit full gas it can hit it full speed, also what can i get so that when fluids comes of of my exost it won't hit my car body. thanx
  8. nitrosteve

    nitrosteve New Member

    I changed brands of fuel in my xxx-nt I went from blue thunder 20% to maxy racing fuel 20% and I had to lean the car out to get it to accelarate the same as with the blue thunder but it doesnt seem to be running any hotter. Does this fuel have more lubricant the bottle says it has 12%. Is this a bad or a good thing....Thanks
  9. Smoothracer

    Smoothracer New Member

    Can or should i race the HPI nitro rush? Will it compete with the GT and NT, i also plan on hopping it up, so u think i could race. And the same questions for the duratrax axis.
  10. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    you should stop running that maxy fuel, only use nitro 20% fuels with 18% lubricant, 12 is to low, u may need a rebuild soon, but otherwise on fuels all are the same, just some have better names in racing cause they have been around longer, but when u get down to it they all work the same.

  11. hello, new to this site. it is pretty good so far. i just picked up a flat chassis for my rc10gt, i have tub chassis right now. will my front steering and support tubes drop in? do you know of any other problems like maybe diff motor mounts for the flat. have an os 12 in it right now thanks for the help
  12. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    all of it should be a direct drop in, although u may wanna upgrade the front sterring support tubes. tell me how it goes!

  13. Smoothracer

    Smoothracer New Member

    none to my ???
  14. nokaoiken

    nokaoiken New Member

    Just bought new Savage and ran 2 tanks at idle with truck on blocks. I tried to start again and each time motor would start but would die when I let go of pull start. Finally broke pull start and bought new one at hobby shop. Tried to start with same results, engine would quit when pull cord retracted. Only other part is one way bearing and it must be installed correctly or motor would not turn over. I have not tuned carb or any thing else. Thanks in advance
  15. flyingjibus

    flyingjibus New Member

    hey man, Nkow anything about old RC10 team cars? gettin back into racin and I want embaress people with a car 10 years older then theirs. Mostly have questions about steering upgrades(this great cars only drawback) but any info would be great. thanks
  16. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    hehe sorry smoothracer,
    I would race the nitro rush, but what you said, you should upgrade it. and about the axis, dont even think about racing that, it is for fun, only use a mugen or ofna for racing, duratraxx besides the evader arent ment for racing, well thats what i think.

    do this, get a new pull start. before u start up your savage, take any hair dryer that gets hot, and hold it by the motor case or the head, hold it there for 1 minute and 30 seconds. then amazingly the pullstart will be way easier to pull, take advantage quickly and start it up and try to run it kinda hot, so you can break in the ring. if it is still hard after 2 - 3 runs, take it to a near by hobby shop. try it it will work!

    i dont nkow anything about old team associated trucks but I do know some things about old associated trucks. you may be able to up grade the steering columns but buying the newer columns that are for the newer chassis, it should work, if it doesnt fit, you may have to modify it a little bit, hope this helps you out!

  17. flyingjibus

    flyingjibus New Member

    I would have to say your response to me made no sense what so ever but thanks (I think)
  18. xerox

    xerox Member

    hey mp was up yo i wanted to know that if i buy a graphite body for my rush would i be able to get one that is already done and all i would have to do is put it in my car.also do you think that if i fix it up with these parts that it would be race worthy
    LP2206 HPI Brake Disk Fiberglass

    1 12.99
    LP2211 HPI Nitro Racing Clutch

    1 13.99
    LP2438 HPI Rear Shock Tower Graphite Nitro Rush

    1 20.99
    HPIC7280 HPI Aluminum Rear Brace Nitro Rush

    1 10.99
    LXZT45 HPI Sway Bar Set Nitro Rush

    1 16.59
    LXXJ65 HPI Upper Deck Set Graphite Nitro Rush

    1 34.99
    LXXJ68 HPI Front Shock Tower Graphite Nitro Rush

    1 20.99
    LXZT48 HPI Titanium Turnbuckle Set Nitro Rush

    1 33.99
    LXAEF1 HPI HD Disk Hub Anodized Nitro Rush

    1 9.29
    LXZT46 HPI Heavy Duty Middle Gear Nitro Rush

    1 3.89
    LXWB74 HPI MIP Shiny CVD Rear RS4 MT

    1 33.99
  19. Rookie

    Rookie New Member

    Hi, I'm new on off road cars and I have a Kyosho Stinger off road car. The car was from a friend and was in very bad shape (not damage but dirty) and I disable all the parts to clean it. As I don´t have sure what kind of model is (I think it is a Stinger) and as I need assistance to assemble all the parts in the correct place, can you help ? I need technical instructions or manuals of parts listing. I ask your cooperation and help if possible.

  20. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    yea you pretty much can do that, also those race parts are good, but i would recomend upgrading more on the engine if anything, go with a .12 TR Picco, they have 1.39 HP and low rpm's! Tell me what you think?!

    I will look for anything that might help, give me a little time.
    But I will try.

    I was joking, like i didnt nkow ( misspelled for know ) then said i know ( the right way ) I was just kinda joking, but I know a few things about old rc10's


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