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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. bluebus

    bluebus New Member

    Can you tell me of ANYWHERE i can order parts for my TT EB4 buggy?
    I am finding it impossible
  2. White-Trash

    White-Trash New Member

    Hello, I have been thinking about gettin a Team Losi XXX-T. Out of anyones past experience does this car have any major problems are complaints. If this is a totally Sh*t car plz tell me one that would be reliable foor onroad and offroad that is not raised up like a monster truck.
  3. hookitup05

    hookitup05 New Member

    i dont know anything about team losi but you can pick up a traxxas nitro rustler with the new trx 2.5(for about $300) or their nitro sport, which i own and love,(for about $250)
  4. jeb1971

    jeb1971 New Member

    i just purchased a ofna mbx rtr ,where can i get hop up parts for this car thanks .
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Well Jeb "MPRACING" hasnt shown up in a long while now so i dont think that that quote applys anymore. But a good place to start looking for ofna hopups is at their website. they even have colored tires there. Then jump to towerhobbies and see what they cost. Theres a lot of stuff for ofna its just kinda hard to come by for some reason. LOL good luck.
  6. nitro4ever

    nitro4ever New Member

    what could you get on a hpi nitro mt to make it faster but not a new engine pipe or 2 speed trans
  7. toby

    toby New Member

    Rock gave good advice. You might also want to check out ACE Hardeware Hobbies located at They have quite a bit of OFNA stuff.
  8. Exploding Sheep

    Exploding Sheep New Member

    I have a RC 10 GT that when I accelerate it does not go...I took the clutch a part and removed all the dust, put it back together and it still does not go anywhere. I can see the pinion and spur gears spin when I accelerate and if I hold the back end off the ground the tires will spin faster when I give it gas, but when it is on the ground it barey moves at all. I cannot see anything that is broken, all parts of the A arm and dog bones are not broken. I can only assume it has to be something in the transmission. Is this something that is easy to fix?



    BTW i posted this in the wrong forum the first time. please delete it.
  9. mashinboo

    mashinboo New Member

    How can you make the rc10 gt turn sharper?

    i was told by putting stronger faster responding servos is this true ?
  10. vaderST

    vaderST New Member

    Do you know anything about the evader? I was wondering what people recommend that I do to it. because they make very limited parts for it.
  11. Benito52489

    Benito52489 New Member

    I am new at this. My steering servo only moves like a micrometer, i tried replacing the batteries and getting a new servo. None of this has fixed the problem. I was wondering if the problem might lie in the receiver? any help would be much appreciated.
  12. pekolow

    pekolow New Member

    Hi i'm a newbee and need to change a tire ...

    in the shop they've told me that is not possible to remove a old tire and place it on a new wheel ...
    So i bouhgt 2 new tires and now i'm wondering how to this ?

    Are there tips & tricks for this action ?

    Any help is very much welcome i have the glue the tire and the wheel ready to rock ..
  13. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    well rockn82,

    you do kinda have a point for jeb about my quote, but i have been busy lately with racing which i doubt you do. so dont say anything unless you know what is going on. and some races have been delayed because of the Iraq thing going on. but I try to get on here as much as I can. but this is still my post so don't try to take over.

  14. mpracing

    mpracing Member


    it is really a good decision to buy new rims, because I have a solution to get the old tired off but the new ones wont stay on as well. try to take some rubbing alchohal and rub it along the edges, it should wear down some of the glue. Then after that try to take off the tired. Then rub off the remaining residue or pieccs, then put on the new ones, but it wont be that gret of a fit, because of the left over pieces. Overall get new rims, my only suggestion I would do.

  15. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    is the radio system digital? because if it is the steering rate may be realy low so thats why it may turn "micro meters" if it isnt digital, take the radio system to your local hobby shop and see what they can do, you may also need a new servo.

  16. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    to turn faster get a high torque high speed metal gear servo, it will make everything better for your turning, I highley recommend a hitec servo, it will run you about $45 to $50 depending where you buy it, thats the best you can get, for cheap money, if you want to spend around $500 for a ultra speed torque servo digital, your crazy if your not sponsered, go with the one up-top!

  17. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    I have nothing to say about evaders that are negative. they are an excelent choice! I give it an grade A+, so I would say go for it, you will not be dissapointed, believe me.

  18. mpracing

    mpracing Member


    I own a Ofna MBX R2, the best place to get parts is not the "OFNA Website" If you have actually gone their which I think rockn82 hasnt, they dont have hop-up parts, to get better parts, go to eBay, and type in Ofna MBX, you will see parts ranging from graphite to anodized aluminum to custom parts, at cheaper prices, you cant really find much of other parts and stores online for OFNA. I should know, I am part of OFNA.

  19. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Weclome Back MP, where have you been hiding.
  20. fishguts

    fishguts New Member

    i av a Kyosho Inferno TR-15 and im aving problems with my clutch,its burning out every time i run it.Iv had the car 5 months and its all run in. Also could you tell me if and wer i could get hop-ups too?

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