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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. tnx

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    i have a tamiya tnx, and i want to buy a picco.26/team orin .26 engine, but they all seem to have a pull start. The tnx itself has a electrical start. My question is how can i fot the engine so it will work with the electrical start. I have heard of a pull start eliminator, but i dunno what that exactly is.


    MzzLz Tim
  2. lostdogeater

    lostdogeater New Member

    whats wrong with a pullstart?
  3. tnx

    tnx Member

    well i have the electric start and its much easier and i dont really like pullstarts, my friend had 1 and broke quickly.. so im not so fond of them
  4. elvisreaks

    elvisreaks New Member

    what is the differance between a regular motor like a 17x1 and a 17x2? and if you had a 100 dollars to spend on both a motor and esc what would be good choices? i would like to start racing my rustler soon, iam almost finished with the chassis mods. thanx
  5. bodine

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    I have a Traxxas E-Maxx that is 2 weeks old. It's never done a wheelie at all. Now from reading other people's experiences (and Traxxas' literature), I've found that it should be able to do wheelies like crazy with ease.

    I've done the following with no avail:
    1) glue tires
    2) tighten slipper clutch
    3) check batteries & try multiple battery sets
    4) tighten 2 small engine gears (one per engine). Note: one of these gears was loose and was sliding on the engine shaft. I'm suspicious that because of this it's been running on just one engine, but I don't know for sure.
    5) placed truck on high-traction surface (like grass & shag carpet).

    When I get home today I'm gonna make sure that both engines are in fact turning. But I'm pretty sure they are (both batteries are always warm after a run).

    Any suggestions? Did I hurt it if it was running on only 1 engine (see #4 above)?

    What else can I do? Why doesn't it pop wheelies?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. tchs22

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    i got an RC10GT plus and its been running fine up until yesterday
    i kept hearing a clilcking noise when id go into a turn i thought nothing of it then the next turn it started revving up and not go anywhere
    then it would start going again
    i checked it later and the dogbone on one side had come out
    both o-rings were gone so i put more in there then those came out!
    my dad tried putting fuel tubing in there and it ran good until i turned it then it popped out again
    any way to fix this
    the other side hasnt given me any trouble

    also does MIP make any CVD kits for RC10GT plus?? if so where can i find them at
  7. Rsx200

    Rsx200 New Member

    Where to buy Tamiya Frog body either original or replica. And not on Ebay.
  8. It's not really help, it's more like advice. I don't want to keep adding so i made my own topic. It's called Stampedes, good or bad? My advice to you is too ignore th smart a** comments in the first one. Please reply if you are heavy or even slightly into off roading. I have a Traxxas rustler but i got tired of it. I decided to get a stampede since it's higher and all. I don't really care if it's only a little higher because i already figured out how to build my own shock lift for the trucks. My secret though.You will find all my info on the stuff i am getting on my subject page please respond there.
  9. elvisreaks

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    what happened to every body?
  10. jonatay

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    I'm looking for a set of CVDs to put in my electric evader. Does anyone know of any that will fit this vehicle?
  11. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    if you guys want more replies you should make your own thread cause most people over look this
  12. Aussie_in_NJ

    Aussie_in_NJ New Member

    Hey guys, long time no post

    Gotta question for everyone, one of my bateries isnt charging right on my peak charger. I think it might have been over-discharged, is there any way to fix it?


    MRC super brain 959 peak charger and cheap 1500mh duratrax shark bateries
  13. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    rip the pack apart and use a volt meter to read each cell seperatly.should be 1.2v each and if not then its a bad cell. i have had a similar problem and it was the over night charger worked fine on the pack.that was my first test
  14. tnx

    tnx Member

    rip it apart...hope i dont get that prob...dont like breaking stuff[:p]
  15. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    no try a different charger an over night slow charger or something.dont take things apart unless u have to
  16. tnx

    tnx Member

    oh ok, need to learn alot im still a newbie to rc :)
  17. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    its ok.ity would suck to take it apart and find out its perfictly fine and have to put it back together.always try the easiest solution first
  18. Aussie_in_NJ

    Aussie_in_NJ New Member

    thanx guys i'll use an over night charger. i think my peak charger might be reading the cell # wrong because the voltage is so low.
  19. tnx

    tnx Member

  20. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    ya just a

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