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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. ok i think i catch ur drift on that , lol cheers !
  2. monsterrcbuilder04

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    you were brobably like what the #@$% is he talking about when you read
  3. lol yea shhhhhh , dont tell him that , no iunderstood most of it :)
  4. monsterrcbuilder04

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    o ok. if i was new to all this i would be like#@$%, i aint even going to bother to uderstand that but now i do
  5. lol yea give it time , its like anything u do practice makes purfect lol
  6. rustler

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    ha the reason he knew all about that is because he is an Engineer, i found out by clicking on his name
  7. hey would some1 mind explaining how the frequencies and channels work for the control an how u can change them stuff like that , i cant seem to get my head round it lol ! ,
  8. monsterrcbuilder04

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    you just buy new crystals for the reciever(rx) and radio(tx)
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    i cant seem to get much speed with my kyosho TR-15. i have to lean it out about a fifth more than what the manual says so i left it at that. later that day, my main drive cog melted and left a huge dent where the clutch bell had spun itself a little hole. shouldnt the motor have overheated and stopped before the cog melted??? the hong kong dealer for kyosho parts is out of stock for a replacement so i have to wait for about 3 weeks!!! This Sux :(:(
  10. TCable

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    The engine probably slipped on the chassis a small amount (away from the main cog).(I believe you are referring to the spur gear?). This can cause the engine to strip the teeth. Or did you have it too tight? You should have a piece of paper between the clutch bell and spur gear when tightening the engine.

    I had to lean my tr-15 out quite a bit more than the manufacturer said. Just make sure you use a temperature gun to keep the temperature 210-250 degrees F/100-121 degrees C. Much hotter than that and you could seriously damage the engine. Mine usually runs 200-245 F. I had to turn the needle out about 3/4 turn from closed to get the engine correct. If you get the temperature above 210F/100C, you should see dramatic improvement in horsepower.
  11. xerox

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    hi i have an nitro rush the old one not the rush evo and i was just woundering if anybody can tell me what would be an good exhaust and engine. i was looking at the .15cv-rx and it was looking to spend about 200$ and for a good exhaust from about another 150$ i don't care about the price i just care about quality. also wat do u guys think of sammyspeedway it is a race track if you've ever been there please let me know how it is because i might go their with my rush and my brother might go there with his savage .26 ok thanks.
  12. rstaubach_12

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    I have an OS .15 CVRX in my T-Maxx and love it. It is very easy to tune like all OS Engines and it has lasted me quite a while. Pipe wise I would go with one of the HPI pipes. They will fit the Rush well and I've found that basically any pipe other than a stock pipe will be a good upgrade. I put the Traxxas High Performance Tuned Pipe on my CVRX and it runs great.
  13. jackal575

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    Thanks Tcable
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    btw, do you think that i could get a 2 speed tranny for my inferno TR-15?? the guy at my LHS said that i could not use it for offroad if i got one because dirt and grit might screw it up but there is a gaping hole in the bottom of the chassis below both spur gears anyway so i dont get it. what do you guys think?
  15. monsterrcbuilder04

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    i dont understand why he thinks 2 speed wouldnt work off-road.don't the monster trucks have 2-speed trannies? it would have a cover so the gears wouldn't be exposed and if it didn't you could easily make one
  16. TCable

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    I looked at the two speed also for my TR15. I don't know if it is worth the extra cost. I would think you could get some major speed, but I don't think it will help too much on a dirt track. My already goes faster than I can handle on our local dirt track (maybe I am just not good enough yet?). It would be cool on the street and parking lots though. The local track belongs to the St. Louis dirt burners:

    It is only a couple of miles from my house right next to the Meramec River. (It gets flooded sometimes in the Spring.)
  17. lol would some 1 explain the diffrence between the ni-cad an the other i cant remember the name , im sure some 1 told me before but my brain is like a sieve ?
  18. TCable

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    You probably are referring to NiCad and NiMH (nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydride). The NiMH usually will store about 2-3 times amount of electrical charge than the NiCad and are much heavier. This means it will take longer to charge a NiMH, but you will also get a lot longer run time.

    Lithium Ion is the best battery technology. They can hold the amount of electrical charge as the NiMH, but with a lot less weight than even the NiCads. Unfortunately, Lithium Ion batteries are usually only available for electronic items, such as notebook computers, digital cameras, PDA's, etc. and are usually in proprietary shapes and sizes (not AA, AAA, C, D) Lithium batteries are also fairly expensive.

    I am still waiting for rechargable AA's that are lithium ion. (Disposable are already available.)
  19. okie dokie , a little more info than i needed but that will do fine , cheers !! :) matt. do any of u guys/gals ( if any about ) know if u can get paddle tires for the hpi rush evo , i have looked but can seem to find any ! thanks again !

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