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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. A J G 3 6 6

    A J G 3 6 6 Member

    ok,how do you get the pinion gear off the stinger motor?
  2. shimsham

    shimsham New Member

    is marvel mystery oil a good after run oil and how much do you use
  3. A J G 3 6 6

    A J G 3 6 6 Member

    Where did you stick your Streak ESC? (back,sides)
  4. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    i put one of them on the rear shock tower.but you can put it almost anywhere.just Not close to the reciver.

    the pinion should have a screw.lossen that.if it is stuck on and you cant pull it off with your hand.pry it off with needle nose plyers.
  5. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    Yes and just a few drops will do it.
  6. A J G 3 6 6

    A J G 3 6 6 Member

    Mannn...that thing is crazy fast,it at-least goes 40MPH.
    Thanks alot,I find no real need for reverse.
  7. A J G 3 6 6

    A J G 3 6 6 Member

    Now how do you hook up 10 Cells? Do i need two 5 cell batterys? Or do i have to make them,Does any companys make them?
  8. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    just take off two cells of one six cell pack and make a four cell pack.charge a six cell pack and the four cell pack.then connect the Red plug of one pack to the Black of the other pack.then you have one Black and one Red,plug them into the Speed control.

    i will warn you right now,your Truck will be carfull not to crash it.
  9. ericmcgehee

    ericmcgehee Member

    i put new brushes in my motor, and it has better speed now, but lost all the tork. i mean it wont climb anything now. i put the trinity rc4390 polarized brushes in, and am using a 17 turn double speed gems two. any thoughts? and yes i broke them in, and have the red brush on the posative side. i check them twice.could use a little help.
  10. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    Is your motor a P-94? The brushes you got, are they P-94 style? check to see if there is any play between the brush and hood.
    Did you do anything else to the motor?
  11. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Shimsham: To make after-run oil mix a 50/50 Dextron III tranny fluid and marvel mystery oil. And boom there you have it. It even smells the same. Mmmmmmm nuthin like after-run.
  12. titleist5127

    titleist5127 New Member

    I have a Tamiya Black Foot (first rc truck) will this Atomik Camo Nuclear Pre-Painted Ford F-350 Monster Truck Body fit my rc truck it says it will fit (T/E-Maxx, Savage, Terra-Crusher) but will it fit my Blackfoot??? do you know any other prepainted bodies that will fit my blackfoot??
  13. rc10gt3jimbo

    rc10gt3jimbo Member

    please help me, i keep slamming my gt into random hard things trewes signs curbs feet etc,,,

    ok rc10gt rtr kit,, i put all the aluminum i cuold find on it, put in an associated .12. ran it for a while no issue, added a trinity 5 cell servo pack nimh , to this i spliced a charging conector,, by cutting the lead,, then splicing and soldering 3 wires together, when i charge i unplug car and input charger jack,, aside from this and the edition of aluminum parts i can think of nuthing possibly related,

    when im sitting in front of my car testing it every thing works great
    when i take off ,, it goes fine for about 20 25 feet
    then,, WHAMMO
    my gas response dies,, and my steriing tweeks out
    enter the hard stuff

    the first time i discrovered this problem i learned how to set throttle return springs, and spent half an hour collecting the pieces after the batttery went off with it florred sending my truck hurtling into hard stuff @ 40 mph luckly it ping ponged so after 5 passes i could predict its direction and stop it b4 any but moderate damage could result,, i collected pieces and spent winter rebuilding

    i switched out the servo for steering, secured the battery permanantly, used over sezed screws to hold bumpers on, reatached muffler with coathanger wire, AND fixed the return spring,,

    i was confident today would be the day i get to play again, so i took her out reved her up nice, and took off.........................

    problem is 30 or so feet away, i relize im not controlling the car, and its slowing down thank god, so i relized a lil less painfully that my problem which had crippled my car end of last sason plauges it this season still, after replacing the servo,

    im on a way tight budjet,, any one know of what i should "fix" next givin my first atempt with the servo wasted precous resorces,, (i got a half gallon to use tweekin it then i need gas would suck if i dont have it cause i keept buying retarded things that dont fix the problemm

  14. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    First you need to check your antenna and make sure it's not running along side any other wires or laying on the chassis. See that it extends as high as it can. Has the antenna bent cut or nicked? Also try a different set of crystals. Bateries new in the transmitter? The antenna wire could be disconnected from the circuit board of the receiver, or a bad receiver.
    Don't start the truck, just set it down with it on and walk away and see when you start to lose control of the servos, you'll need someone to stand and watch the car.
    Make sure your receiver is wraped in foam in the receiver box the keep it safe from vibration.
  15. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    You didn't say where you run your truck at, if your by metal buildings or large power lines this could also cause your problem, try an open area if so.
  16. rc10gt3jimbo

    rc10gt3jimbo Member

    i run it by my house where ive run it oprobklem free, after sl;eeping onit i think mebe i jared the battery bad and ripped the contacts off the inside 5 cells, mebe the power is cutting of and powering back on m,,, makin the wheels twitch
  17. A J G 3 6 6

    A J G 3 6 6 Member

    After running my whole thing,ive been having trouble...maybe its the interference with the receiver. But when iam driving it just dies or it just when i turn it on ,nothing happenes. Whats going on? How can i correct this?
  18. rc10gt3jimbo

    rc10gt3jimbo Member

    yours sounds like maybee a bad switch, bad reciever. mine workson all test i can think of ,,the only varible is if im actually driving it ,, weird huh, wish mine would not turn on or sumthin
  19. A J G 3 6 6

    A J G 3 6 6 Member

    i think its the switch, Its still has its warrenty. Do i send it into tower hobbies or duratrax?
  20. rc10gt3jimbo

    rc10gt3jimbo Member

    well i would think the shop u got it at would prolly be easier, i like to make the shop do the work to return it to the manufacturer when possible, why should i have to fart around i payed the shop good $ to be the inbetween ya know what i mean?

    any one interusted in a ps2 with about 120 games , dvd remote 2 controlls 4 mem cars, looking to sell it or trqade it for a heli,,

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