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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. timrock

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    8.4volts?that means 7 cells.most speed controls can handle 6-7cells.still not sure if yours can.i would have to research that because i havent experimented with that paticular long will a NI-MH last?as far as run time,alot longer than a 2000 mAh Nicad pack.not sure if you should disconnect reverse on that ESC.not sure if it would change forward can look into it yourself.i would.i never use reverse.and you will never find anyone that races using it.
  2. lil-schmitty

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    Hey can you buy a fuel addative for pump gas or can you just not run pump gas?
  3. can't use gas in a glow plug engine, it will blow up
  4. alex132

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    I just got a kyosho megaforce.while we were in the process of getting it started the insruction said to put the batterys in the controller and car and see if it turned. when we turned it on to see if it worked all the servos started moving wildly uncontrolled, so we turned it off. all the other time we tryed to get it to turn, nothing happened at all. we thought it might have been the batterys so we got new ones. Still nothing happened. If any one no how to fix this please tell me.
  5. mxmx995

    mxmx995 New Member

    whould and O.S.15cv give me more power than the GX.15 or traxxas 2.5 in my Kyosho ultima st
  6. NCarper254

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    I just posted a new topic about a Smarttech RC offroad with intructions in chinese. Then I saw your topic. All instructions for this car were in chinese. I am new to this and my son got this car for Christmas. I need basic operating procedures, fueling ect. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. quicks

    quicks New Member

    can you tell me anything about the duratrax overdrive st?
  8. galvin

    galvin New Member

    I have a protech nitro star awhich the body of has started to melt where it touches the muffler how can i prevent this?

  9. sdavenic

    sdavenic New Member

    PROBLEM:my dad (SANTA)bought my son a NEW BRIGHT THUNDER F150.9,5V.,Nice and big,can fit his action men in it...BUT..speed/torque/ really bad,especially when we was over park,and what flies by was a glow plug engine in a bug.THUS THE PROBLEM......HYBRID!!!!!
    HANDS UP.IM 39 ,and this is my first contact with rc,ive built a few kit cars but these all had rover v8s and were road going...
    What i want to do,is keep all the functions of the NEW BRIGHT,lights.indicators,alarm? AND add the power of an engine.......
    i dont care if its all wheell drive/front or back just cant die like a battery and have some get up and go.........
    i havent the funds for big new 4x4 but i have plenty of time to learn ,and rebuild thgis thing,
    if ya not familar with it the body is truck and has a full interior and working doors and hood.under the hood is big empty space.awaiting an engine.....i know its alot of work,that i dont mind .i just need a pointer in direction..many thanks .....dave and son brad
  10. sdavec check your pm I sent you something my idea on what to do
  11. galvin try to see if you can move your mufflrer a little bit inand if that doesnt work put some type of heat resistant material between body and muffler
  12. Ask canadian racer he has one
  13. daytondaft

    daytondaft Member

    hey mp,
    i just got a t-maxx it is completely stock
    what upgrades(that dont cost a huge amount of $,I am only 14) could i put in it to make it faster
  14. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Dayton: to make it faster just put a smaller spur gear on it I believe that the maxx comes with a 70 or 72T spur and the smallest i think is a 68T

    Quicks: The Overdrive is one of the best trucks that Duratraxx has ever released. It handles exceptionally well and it comes with a two-speed and reverse to boot. I couldn't believe it when I saw full ball bearings and some thought put into the vehicle. Although the body sits a little to high and the engine likes to run hot. But a better head and lowering the body should fix that.

    MXMX: The OS .15 puts out about .70 Horses and the stock Maxx 2.5 is the same size engine putting out 1.3 Horses. Although the TRX 2.5 really will only last you about 3 gallons of fuel, it really is a piece. OS released a new motor a few months ago the .15Cvr and that puts out about 1.2 Horses and it has already lasted me about 7 gallons. HPI is teaming up with Trinity and putting out some sweet engines. The .12Rxs puts out about 1.2 turning about 44000 R's. Thats pretty impressive with a two year warranty. And I have yet to have problems with it as it sits in my R40. They also have a new line of engines that come stock like the T-15 I cant say much about it but it is worth checking out.

    Alex132: What kinda batteries are you using? Rechargeables only put out 4.8V and Alkaline put out 6V. And just a note, rechargeables don't come charged. Also if you assembled the vehicle your steering may be too tight. If you had a crazy response like the one you describe try replacing the Receiver. Yours is under warranty but at least that gives you a place to start. Sounds to me quite honestly like Moisture in the Receiver.
  15. Aussie_in_NJ

    Aussie_in_NJ New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I just bought a Tamiya Ford f-150 from tower hobbies seems pretty good but not as good/fast/tough as I thought it might be. I think I'm going to by a HPI RS4 MT (electric)[Baja Bug] within a month or two not sure how long. I want to start with the stock motor from my tamiya, but I want to upgrade the motor later maybe for racing, probably just for racing my brother he has a stock (except for bearings) Tamiya baja king. I was wondering how much power (turn limit) I will need in an ESC. Somone said you can only use down to a 17 turn motor with the stock gearing. If I used a "hotter" motor what would I need to change? The ESC's I'm looking at are the Duratrax 16, 12, or 8 turn ESC(I'm open to other suggestions). Also if I were to use a 17 turn motor would a double be O.K. or would a single be the best way to go. Buy the way I'm driving on grass, woodchips/dirt and maybe light snow. By the way I'm 14 and on a buget, so please don't recommend a $150 ESC.
  16. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    yo aussie,

    First, always prepare for the worst. once you have become comfortable with the stock motor and the settings. Reset the esc. Also, what kind of battery pack are you using, and if you will be using a hotter motor what kind is it specifically? After I know about those, I can tell you the turns, from stock. But if its confusing, basically, reset the esc, slowly turn it out to fit the new motor, but be carefull not to overheat it, check it after a few passes on each turn out. Try this and give me the extra info.

  17. Aussie_in_NJ

    Aussie_in_NJ New Member

    thanks MPracing,

    but i'm confusused. im asking what would be a good motor/ESC combo for the RS4 MT.

  18. Aussie_in_NJ

    Aussie_in_NJ New Member

    oh and i'm using cheap duratrax shark 1500's i got 3 of em
  19. Aussie_in_NJ

    Aussie_in_NJ New Member

    does anyone know what constant velocity drives CVD's do/are and why I would want them?
  20. Aussie, the duratrax streak ESC is pretty good, it can handle motors down to 12 turns and 4-10 cells. For more specs check out It sells for $40 on towerhobbies
    For a motor, you can buy fairly cheap trinity speed gem motors (speed gem garnet, kobal, titanite). They are availible on and they're only about $30. If you want a motor thats cheaper than that but still in the same speed range check out the towerhobbies speed secret motor for $20.
    Hope this helps.

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