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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. xerox

    xerox Member

    plz need help finding big ramps for my nitro rush because i am thinking of racing but don't know of any tracks that i can go to , so that i can race because want to see how my truck does off road and want to see how high it can go.
  2. jasonthehunted

    jasonthehunted New Member

    xerox, where do you live?
  3. xerox

    xerox Member

    jashon i live in toronto?
  4. beyondnascar

    beyondnascar New Member

    Hey dude. I used to race in the 80's. Things were different then. I got a Duratrax Evader ST (electric) for my son to start in the hobby. The truck came with a DT Sprint ESC. The truck now loses all power to the motor at about 2/3 batt life. Steering still works and I give it a bump and motor works again for a little bit, then shuts down again. I was wondering if the ESC was getting too hot or shorting out or what? any clues? The stock motor/ESC connectors are still connected well. I have taken the brushes out and cleaned the armature and brushes with spray and a comm pen, do you suppose I dont have the brushes or springs back in correctly or do you think the ESC is either too hot (never warm to touch) or just a crapper? Thanks for all your help. - scott
  5. beyondnascar

    beyondnascar New Member

    oh yeah, If I hook the motor up straight to the battery or to a D cell, it runs fine, that is why I was thinking ESC bugs.
  6. crux

    crux New Member

    I want to buy a nitro off-road car (but not a buggy).
    I want to sprnd not more than 260-280$.
    I need just the truck with the engine, body etc. I've got radio & servos (because now I'm running Pro3). So what is the best for me in this situation?????

  7. crux

    crux New Member

    I think I'll have not more than 240$.
    So what's the best car for me then????
    Maybe duratrax maximum st pro???
  8. epatheticepifany

    epatheticepifany New Member

    Im going to get a electric offroad car but im not 100% sure wich car i should get i was thinking that the best 1 for me is the traxass electric rustler ive looked it over,and its a nice car and its less than 200$ if you have any suggestions that are under 200$ please say sumn....(gotta keep the price range under 200$ kuz im only 15 and money is hard 2 get).
  9. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    CRUX: Duratraxx in my opinion make some real chinsy (cheap) vehicles. The rims they use are very thin and very suceptable to breakage. They also have problems with their fuel tanks not sealing correctly and thus fuel delivery sux resulting in a vehicle that runs good but sometimes wont stay running and ya just cant figure out why. The vehicle doesn't have bearings in the hub carriers they use bushings which wear very quickly and result in horrible wheel wobble and an unstable vehicle. Also since it has bushings it has bad wheel wobble right out of the box. The tires do not last long and the transmission has a defect in the molding which causes the rear end to bind because two bearings inside are not aligned correctly. Go with an HPI or Traxxas since they actually put some thought into the vehicle before slapping it together. The HPI RUSH runs for about $240 and is a perfect starter vehicle. There are a few upgrades for it and it can well handle jumping and dirt. The Traxxas rustler runs for about $250 and is equally a good truck.
    EPATHETICEPIFANY: The rustler is a good choice also there is the HPI MT going for around $150 and is 4X4 without radio/esc.
  10. punkerboy_69

    punkerboy_69 Member

    how about converting a xtm xfactor to brushless? this will be a good task for you to figure out, and i also want to make a gear reduction unit for between the pinion and spur gear. you can get back yo me at .im shure this one will take a while to dream up!
  11. crux

    crux New Member

    Thanx very much...
    I think I'll go with HPI Nitro MT better.....
    Thanx once again....
  12. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    CRUX: Sorry for my earlier post. We just got a Duratraxx Maximum St Pro in the store a couple days ago. Man, Duratraxx must have read some of the stuff I have been saying LOL. The PRO has aluminum nuckles and rear hub carries now, ball bearings, two speed tranny, a real tuned pipe and upgraded chassis (6061). But they have failed to fix the dang rims (weak and breakable) and tires (gone in 60 seconds). Also the tranny still binds. And now you have to buy the one speed transmission to go off roading. LOL MT for on-road only LOL. I figured I'd just correct myself as I hate false or misleading info. So re-evaluate your decision if it was based on my rantings. LOL Duratraxx maximum series still is chinsy but not as bad anymore. Oh one more thing Duratraxx makes some pretty durable and well running motors.
  13. gutovighi

    gutovighi New Member

    Hi I need information (manuals) for old off-road eletric schumacher cars like cat procat... Any idea of where I can find it ? I´m restoring some old cars. I already tryied the official schumacher home page but there is no information about their old cars there...
  14. osbornel

    osbornel Member

    yo x factor is nitro too! that rules!
  15. what is the best gearing for an elec bandit? i'm runnin a 16x2 caliber motor. the gearing right now is18/78.
  16. big_mike

    big_mike New Member


    mpracing i have a question wel on my gas powered car (nitro rustler) the shocks on it seem to where down on them i jus got mine but my friend up the street has a nitro sport and the suspesion sags and stuff when he just lets it sit there so what i did was made stands for it so it wuldnt have to have all the strain on it..tell me if this is a good idea or not.

  17. Rustler14

    Rustler14 Guest

  18. SAWEEETF150

    SAWEEETF150 New Member

    I have a SIRRO .18 UPgrade in one of my Tmaxx's. What gearing do you recommend? It is actually slower then my stocker with the stock gearing. I am thinking a 24 bell clutch and A 72 spur would help. This motor makes monster torque on the low end so I am sure it can handle the higher Gearing. What is your opinion?

  19. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    two noob on nitro engine questions.what do the decimals things(.15,.15,.21)mean,and where do u draw the line between a big block and a small block. is bigger better?
  20. speede

    speede New Member

    i was wonder wat the motor limit was for a team novak tempfet t-4

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