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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by mpracing, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. Rayforce

    Rayforce New Member

    Hi,everybody,i'm new to this website.I have some question to ask.My new Terra Crusher has some overflow problem,there are many unburned fuel come out from the exhaust,even though i have lean the needle valve.And after i break in,ok a bit but still have fuel come out from the exhaust.And i know that this is wasting my fuel.:DCan you guy please help me?
  2. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Xerox: I said that when you switch to a higher nitro-methane (10%,20%,30%) content you will want to richen it up. I said nothing pertaining to oil content. Also I said that graphite is lighter and not a strong as aluminum. If you are heading up to 60 MPH than you may want aluminum. And no you would not have to get a different chassis. I was just stating that when you push the top speed of a vehicle you need to reinforce the weak spots because they will flex and bend.

    Rayforce: The emissions from your exhaust is normal. it is most likely not fuel that you see. It is unburnt oil. As the glowfuel engine is a two stroke it requires that the oil and fuel be mixed together. When the fuel burns so does some of the oil (the blueish smoke) But not all of it. The rest that is left over comes out the exhaust. Change the needles back to factory and retune the motor if your still on the iffy side about it. Although I would say you really are OK.
  3. xerox

    xerox Member

    hey sorry about that rockin82 i thogh that was what you said i was mistaken about that so i apolgize and i wanted to know then what are the weak spots so that if they are weak that i can get a new chassey and there for i was also asking another person but do u know of anything that i can upgrate on my truck for racing like a racing cluch and fiber glass breaks.

    hey mp i know you race alot and i was woundering if you know of any places where i can race my truck at because i want to start racing but don't know of any offroad tracks tht i can go to thanx.
  4. xerox

    xerox Member

    hey racefor i am also new to this site and am a new driver but what i think is that when you first drove your truck you tryed top go fast and didn't take you time and you also probally wasted you first tank of gas and then tryed to go fast on the second tank and so what i think is that you should waste another 2 or 3 tanks of gas for it to stop flowing.
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    No problem Xerox. As for weak spots, if you have the rush, the main one is simply the rear of the chassis where the differential is mounted. It bends verys easy and that can throw off your gear mesh (and strip gears). Another spot is the front of the chassis, where the front bulkhead is mounted. Its not as bad as the rear by far, however hit it hard enough and it will throw off your steering. A header and tuned pipe will do you wonders. By the way a racing clutch from HPI or the one from MIP will fit right on. And the Fiber disc brake adds a lot of stopping power.
  6. xerox

    xerox Member


  7. Rustler14

    Rustler14 Guest

    HELP NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!! wha is the lowest number of teth in a spur gear you can run with a 20T pinion gear? HELP ME I HAVE NO IDEA AT.....ALL! Thanx.![xx(]
  8. Brian Newton

    Brian Newton New Member

    Why ho why does my second hand nitro car tick over ok, run slowly ok, but then when I open it up, die on me. You advice and help will be apriciated as I am new to this hobby.
  9. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Xerox: HPI offers a heavy duty chassis I think it is 2.5mm instead of 2mm. I am not sure about the price but it will be alot more rigid than the stock one. Go to and look at what they have there. You should find it (or at least a part number).

    Rustler: You can put any number tooth spur you want on the vehicle. Just remember to keep the same pitch that you have currently for your spur gear. The smaller the spur gear the higher the top speed and the slower the acceleration. Go too small and your vehicle may not move. There are alot of factors involved such as the type of engine and the condition it is in. Spur gears are cheap and I have alot of them, so buy a few and see what you like best and what gives you a good acceleration and a top speed that you want.

    Brian: Sounds like your car needs to be retuned. Try finding the engine on the manufacturers website and looking for the factory carburator needle valve settings. Then tune the car from there. However, dying on WOT (wide open throttle) is a sign of the engine being too rich. You could just try to lean out the high end needle (turn it clockwise 1/8 of a turn at a time and check it) Be warned that running too lean will overheat the engine and drastically shorten its life. Thats the reason I suggest that you retune the engine from factory settings. Especially if it is second hand.

    I hope this helps yall and good luck.
  10. Reich

    Reich New Member

    Total confusion. I bought a Sportmax (T-max) and am having problems with the engine overheating. I called customer suppor and returned engine for warrenty work. Mean time I bought the Hpi nirto Rush and am having a blast with it. I received My enging back from Traxxas installed it went through engine break in again and I still overheat. cant get past 5 min of driving before it stalls. I droped from 20 down to 10% nitro in hopes that this will help. no good. I have tuned and retuned engine according to Traxxas's web site. Still no good. Cut big holes in body...shoot I even leave the body off and it still overheats. Help me please, I have not even had time to wreck it
  11. sctr11

    sctr11 New Member

    I have a Duratrax Maximum ST Pro. Bought it barely used from eBay, put about $300 into fixing it, since it was my first Nitro truck. I just bought a new Torq .16 engine for it, cuz i kinda messed up my old one. So I broke into it (almoust i think), i had 5 tanks run through it. Ran perfect, then decided to switch a cover plate recoil from my old engine, since i cut some of the outside of it to be able to move the engine closer to the transmission. So I started my engine up, and it began to increase the speed by itself and started reaching temp of 200 within less than a minute (i have a temp gauge). So I switched it back to the old cover plate recoil that it had, and the problem didn't change. still same thing. Could someone please help me on how to fix it. I know a lot about this kind of engine, but can't figure this problem out, it's still under warranty, I could send it back and have them fix it, but it will take 2 weeks or so, I hope i can fix it myself soon. Thanx!
  12. Nald

    Nald New Member

    Is there a way to improve the brakes on a HPI savage?
  13. xerox

    xerox Member

    hey rockin82 i was talking to jashon the hunted and he said that the origional chassey on the rush is all ready better and that if it bends to not worry.
    anywase do u know if i can get a costum chassey so that i can fit a .21 engine in it and if i can does it come all ready built.
  14. jasonthehunted

    jasonthehunted New Member

    i didnt say not to worry of it bends, I said mine hasnt bent so I wasnt worried :D if it does bend then start worrying so far so good with mine.

    but I do have a question if I can get help I would be so appreciative. I changed from a pull start engine (15fe) to a non pullstart (15rSS)Ive bought the engine mounts and the flywheel that im supposed to but I cant get the flywheel and the starter box wheel together, I have the car lined up the right direction it just seems that the flywheel is too small. is there something I may be missing? From what I can tell I have the correct parts but Im starting to wonder
  15. jasonthehunted

    jasonthehunted New Member

    ok after more seearching I found out the problem....I dont have the correct motor mounts after all. It takes the special 15mm $38 dollar motor mounts. is there an alternative mount that doesnt cost as much and that will work on the rush?
  16. thegoonman

    thegoonman New Member

    I was wondering where I could buy a battery for a starter box. I have a OFNA True-Start 1/8 off-road buggy starter box. It says that I need a 12volt 7AH lead acid or gel cell battery. I live far from a hobby shop, could I get it at canadian tire or some other place.
  17. jasonthehunted

    jasonthehunted New Member

    I dont have the OFNA box but on my starter box I use 2-6 cell batteries from an electric car, and today i just went to walmart and bought a 12 volt lawnmower/motorcycle battery. either way will work
  18. thegoonman

    thegoonman New Member

    Thanks, I think I will just get a lawnmower battery
  19. Nitromtman

    Nitromtman Guest

    I have a few
    First why do I always see 1/10th stadiums with .12 if they are generally stocked at .15 are .15 illegal or am I not catching on because wouldnt make since to run a more powerful .15 over a .12.

    Terminology what would you call the shaft the goes from the trany to the diff in between the wheels and what would you call the shaft(dogbone) from the middle diff to the wheels. I have problems when order parts for the mt.
  20. new2nitro

    new2nitro New Member

    ok, having a bit of trouble, just bought a used t-maxx. first off how can I tell if it is the 2.5 or the older model, second it seems to be very sluggish to get going when I throttle it up from a stop. once it gets going it goes like a bat out of **** but if I bring it to a stop and throttle it up it does it again, kinda lunges forward about 3-5 times before it gets going, anyone know what could be causing this, I tried leaning it out a bit and also going the other way and richening it up a bit, didn't work, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. of course I don't know for sure if it is even acting funny at all. like my name says I am new to nitro, been running electric for 4 years and felt like trying something new. well that and the t-maxx seems to be hottest thing going. anyways any help would be greatly appreciated

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