Anyone knows a Mitsubishi KI-46-III model?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Alcides, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Ki-46 III "Dinah" 1:72 Beta fuselage done?

    This is a picture of the completed fuselage of the Ki-46 III Dinah "glass nose" version. This version completely reworked the fuselage from the old version for glassed in nose and a much better fit for all the plexiglas windows...

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    It is coming along really nicely.
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    Curiosity - what does the term "Hyakushiki" mean? - it's in the drawing titles.


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    Hyakushiki means "Type (One) Hundred" according to many japanese sites inc:

    If i'm wrong then please someone correct me... I am only going by what I have found... Can't speak a word of Japanese.

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    Ki-46 III Dinah Perspective Views

    Very nice perspective views of the "Dinah"! I always love to get these to check detail...will need to add the little plexiglas piece at the end of the cockpit glass area...and there ar other numerous fuselage details that need to be added/tweaked...Thanks again! :grin:
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    Can we count on this coversion kit (not the entire model!) ending up in the Parts Bin?
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    Ki-46 "Dinah"- parts bin!

    OK, that sounds fine! I have never put anything in the "parts bin" the way kuddos on your fine Siatki cone-generator-and more program that you sold me...I use it often...and have only "scratched" it's potential...excellent!:twisted:
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    Clearly a most beautiful warbird. Similar to the Supermarine Spitfire, the recce versions tend to be more elegant than their armed brethren. Both thumbs up for this neat conversion!
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    I'm waiting for your "improvement".

    Meanwhile I trying to bought the original kit.

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    I just received the kit

    Now, I'm waiting for your "glass nose" airbob :wink:

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    Maly Modelart Dinah and Restoration...,

    I received the Dinah in the mail from papermodelstore today. Things have come a long way since the time this was printed in Poland. This is really a case for cardmodel preservation and conservatorship (i.e. scanning at hi-res, color correction and redraw as necessary). A question is whether the fit is good or needs correction?

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    I think the kit needs scan and coloring.

    Really, I want the model in this color scheme:


    I don't have the skills yet , but I can start to learn.

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    Hi All,

    From the pictures the fits seems to be good although the middle fuselage needs work. The salmon color scheme has a lot of wow factor and should print well but wouldn't it look great in camo as well? The paper in the old Maly kit looks like a quarter scale surface of toasted particle board it's that coarse. That's why I'm thinking of the redraw and color for it.


    P.S. On second thought it's best to leave the model drawn as is. Too many issues in sharing a redraw.
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    Ki 46 III "Dinah"

    The fit of this kit is not too bad...but the engine nacelles had to be reworked from the wing forward...they were way to boxy for me...from the original 2 rings to 3 rings which gives it a much smoother appearance...also the fit of the forward and the rear glassed in areas has been totally reworked to allow a better and smoother fit into the fuselage line....I will post pictures of the reworking on line in the next day or soo...:wink: It is really working out quite nicely...!
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    Ki-46 III "Dinah" smoothnose....

    This is a recent photo of my progress on this Dinah...this is at 1:72 scale....The original parts have been designed at the !:33 you can see the engine nacelles have been redesigned to show a more rounded profile as has the fuselage....this kit has essentially been redesigned from the ground up!!! all parts have been relined and old decals remain from the old model....and I have added details for the twin rowed 14 cylinder 1500hp engines....but this is still a "work in progress"...our old Sheltie just died last week:( ...we have cried, and Monday we got a new PUP!!! a tri-colored Sheltie male we have named "Marty":rofl: you see I remain preoccupied...but have worked on this project as time, and "Marty" allows....:wink:

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    Did it sound a bit eager on my part?
    Good :grin:

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