Anyone know where to find NH90 Helicopter? any scale any colours

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Aussie Phantom, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Aussie Phantom

    Aussie Phantom New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm been looking everywhere for ages but I've only just arrived where I can as the question of people who know.

    The Aircraft I'm looking for is the NHindustries NH90... not a glamourous "name" butI work on the Aussie version of the Beastie and would like to have a model on my desk. Here's a link so you know the Heli I'm talking about...< I'm too junior to post links but what I wanted to put here was a link to Wikipedia - search NH90 or NHInustries you'll find it>


    It doesn't have to be Free or for download... I'll send rough dimonds by mule if needed ...
  2. jackie123b

    jackie123b New Member

    The corvette K130 of the German Passat Verlag, which is available as booklet only, contains one NH 90, cf.

    Pictures of a finished model may be found at

    (replace 3w with www)
  3. Aussie Phantom

    Aussie Phantom New Member

    Thanks very much th guy does amazing work!

    when I said any scale though I guess I meant any desktop scale say 1:100 upwardws...
  4. rbeach84

    rbeach84 New to Paper

    If anyone knows how...

    to take a MS Flight simulator model and "turn it" into a paper model, then there is a free downloadable NH90 model at:
    (replace the '3w' with 'www')

    Sounds like a job for "Super-Paper-Model-Designer-Man"


    Also has a download for a RNZAF C-130 Hercules paper model, so someone made the connection there, too.

  5. Aussie Phantom

    Aussie Phantom New Member

    Awesome idea! THANK YOU. I've seen that Kiwi NH90 model. I was over in NZ in the middle of last year and was really impressed with the ads for their Airforce - It essentially involved a helicopter flying up to someones window and rescueing them froma boring 9 to 5 job. You could have knocked me over with a feather when one of the helis was a NH90! It turns out it was a spectacularly detailed CGI model.

    I checked 3D warehouse and the models were either too simple or too detailed a game model should fit somewhere in between.

    Watch this space you might have just seen the oigin of the first "Aussie Phantom" designed model...
  6. rbeach84

    rbeach84 New to Paper

    PS: The C-130 is a 'paper airplane' glider design, not a "scale" model.:cry:
  7. rbeach84

    rbeach84 New to Paper

    AP, I inquired around and apparently there is a utility for download at that can be used to convert MS FLight models into a format that Pepapakura can then 'unfold' (short version of process.) I downloaded it and was looking at it, but am still on the low end of the "learning curve". Perhaps you have some experience with other tools that can help... anyway, chipping away! Cheers! Robert
  8. piginapoke

    piginapoke Member

    Nice request. I too am looking for this great helicopter. Been involved in the NH90 so I'm looking for a model for my desk
  9. Aussie Phantom

    Aussie Phantom New Member

    Coincidently I just joined!

    I've mostly been lurking on the 1:1 props forums like The Dented Helmet and the 405th. But I'd like to do a bit of scale work

    I've done a lot of unfolding lately but my 3D modeling is a little limited... I'll check it out though Thanks for the tip!
  10. rbeach84

    rbeach84 New to Paper

    The guys at PM offered some advice; I took the EXE for installing the NH90 and ran it, installed it to a folder, then opened the model using the utility and it worked! That was as far as I got with it, just too busy at the moment to explore it in any detail, but you might give it a go. Find the related thread at PM to get the details of the advice... I think I started the thread so a search for my "starts" should find it.

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