Anyone know any great anime gal models?

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    Anyone got any other great anime gal's akin to the excellent MizuiroGakuen?

    Found a couple of nice ones on, and at 55cm a peice there a cracking size - Does anyone know if you just download these once youve paid, or wether they send you the kits (the models are awesome but the english site is awful to navigate, impossibe to search, and even has the Archer missing).

    Also, can't link to models as all in Java, but feast your eyes on these beauties:twisted:


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  3. I have both of these models. The Lineage II Female Elf and the Pristontale Archer are both published kits. I don't believe they are available as a download. The archer comes in a 13"x15"x1" box. The elf comes as a 5"x7"x 0.5" booklike affair with accordian like sheets that are to be separated. The finished models are both about the same size despite the difference in packaging. Both have a whole truckload of sheets and parts. Interestingly, the parts are mostly die cut, with score marks indicated on the backside. Both are beautifully colored, and appear to be pretty complicated. I bought the archer at a good price on eBay. I picked up the elf from Both models are still available from papermodelworld. The archer is $17.75, and the elf is on sale for $7.00 - a real deal in my opinion.
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    Cheers guys

    Some good stuff there, as for the Lineage Elf - that's are real bargain but I need it shipping to UK :(

    I've sent them an email to see how much it would cost - if it's reasonable enough - it's mine!!!


  6. Paul, my experience with papermodelworld was very good. The elf was well packaged and was shipped out right away. I've sent several items to the UK through eBay, and have been surprised to find that it didn't cost too much more than it would have to send the same item domestically. I'm betting shipping will be pretty reaonable. Until I saw your post, I actually forgot that I had the elf. Because it is small, I stuck it in the archer box. Looking at it again, I'm thinking I'll be moving it way up in my "to build soon" list. It's a pretty sweet model.
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    Cheers RPS :) James @ paperworld has quoted me around $6 which I think is very reasonable - just waiting for feedback re. the "not for retail" version that is actually on sale.

    It's a great size too! That's one of the things I love about paper models - they can be of great size without being of great cost (and the self-print versions can be exactlt the size you want them to be:-D ).
  8. That's the version I have - the not for retail kit. It may well be the only version. I believe it was packaged with some of the computer games. It's really an excellent kit. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
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    Odrered it:-D - thanks for the heads up Don!

    + thanks again all for the links.

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