Anyone have a Tower55 unit?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by 65GASSER, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    I would like to see a close up picture of its details. I believe I just got a pre order for a MoPac Heritage unit for Christmas. :thumb: Just wondering if they are all I hear they are.
  2. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    I know Deano has a couple TOWER 55 units. I am sure he can provide you with a few pics and some info bout them whe he sees this thread.
  3. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    Good deal! Where ya at Deano? :wave:
  4. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    Eddie (BNSFDash9) on has a FEW. From everything I've heard, and the few I've seen in person, they're awesome, yet still leave a little to be desired. Hence the Details West detail kits.
  5. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    Now thats what I didn't want to hear. For the price they should run on diesel....
  6. Thoroughbreed

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  7. KCS

    KCS Member

    Well, I've seen a couple and they are prety much plastic brass really. Of course as stated they don't have every single detail that brass does but better than most. Tower55 is just the plastic division of Overland brass models. I hope to get one of each of the heritage units one day.
  8. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    I went into my LHS several months ago looking for the cheapest thing I could find with sound. After looking at several and not being too impressed, they pulled out a Tower55. Suddenly I went from looking at the cheapest thing there, to the most expensive. WOW is all I can say. I loved it. I also placed my order right then and there. Unfortunately, by the time they became available, that money I had earmarked for that engine suddenly had to go in 15 different directions and I had to cancel my order.:cry: Maybe next year!
  9. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    announce1 JUST MY OPINION ON TOWER55(did i say this is JUST MY OPINION:D ).

    The units you guys are talking about are the NEW SD70MAC's:thumb:, they are due out early 07'. I HAVE ONE ON PREORDER:D. i cant tell you how they are, as no one has them yet:rolleyes:, HOWEVER, i have the TOWER55 ES44AC and it is slap AWESOME!:thumb: the detailing is EXCELLENT, the Digitrax decoder in it is NICE, the sounds are GOOD and the lighting effects are GREAT!:thumb:

    To be honest with you, the NEW: P2K's, Atlas, Kato's, and BLI's are really just as good, and with sound in them, are within $20.00 of the Tower55 with sound;). myself, i wouldn't even consider buying an engine from Tower55 without sound, but thats just me:D. what really sets this engine apart from the others is the combined lighting/sound effects, well worth getting:thumb:. AS i mentioned, as far as the shell & detailing goes, they are really ABOUT the same as the brands i stated above, perhaps a hair better, but thats it.

    announce1 BOTTOM LINE: if you want a Tower55 with sound, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING ONE!:thumb: i have had NO PROBLEMS with mine;), and it IS TRULY one of my FAVORITE ENGINES:thumb:. PICS BELOW are of my Tower55 UP ES44AC, weathering done by me:D.

    hope this might have helped;). :D -Deano View attachment 33406 View attachment 33407 View attachment 33408

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  10. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    Thanks Deano! Merry Cristmas!
  11. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    I got to say Deano, that is one of my favorite units you have!!:thumb: :thumb: :D :D :D :D
  12. CRed

    CRed Member

    I want the NP ES44DC from the classic concept series,my layout is going to be more of an "fantasy" rather then "prototypical" layout anyways so it couldn't hurt.I really like NP's freight scheme and besides NP started up here not too far from where I live.

  13. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    The Tower 55 diesels I've seen are great looking. Wish they made some in Nscale.
  14. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    Oh, there's nothing wrong in what they're lacking, they still top out better then mostly everything else! I feel the price it s TAD too high, but thats just me, considering the P2K Gp30's are only $200 or so...
  15. COMBAT

    COMBAT Member

    I saw this on there web page and was wondering if anyone else is having this issue?
    " Friday, December 1st, 2006
    We recognize that a few issues have come up regarding the operation of our DCC/ DC equipped locomotives. We are doing our utmost best to service each question, comment, and concerns on a case by case basis.Many of the concerns and frustrations customers are experiencing are due to our being new to the plastic model train industry and unanticipated issues with the electronics with our Explorer Series models. Some of the issues were simply caused by a miscommunication on our part that the Explorer series models (with DCC and sound) would work seamlessly in DC operation with sound and operation controls. The models do operate in both DC and DCC modes; however the sound is less than desired by customers. Digitrax is diligently working on a solution for these issues.
    Our intentions were honest for the Explorer Series; however we simply tried to do too much with all of the opinions we received and lost sight of our goal for smooth and simple operation. We are now more focused and have a clearer understanding of your expectations and our abilities to deliver specific products.
    Because of our lessons learned, beginning with the CP ES44AC and the newly announced BNSF ES44AC locomotives, we will have new boards for these locomotives that allow for smooth operation between DC and DCC. Further, Digitrax will also release a device for DC customers to control more than just the basic engine sound. Be sure to check with Digitrax for this product.
    All in all, we are doing our very best to listen to our customers concerns and comments. We welcome these comments and ask for your patience and understanding. Yes, we have a long history in the model train industry with our relationship with Overland Models; however, this is our first venture into the plastic model market. As well as our first foray into the DCC and sound markets. We, like most other folks, need to try things out and learn from those shortcomings in order to keep improving our product. We are quick to learn and hope that you, our customer will continue to support our product in the future."

  16. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    I bought one of the first Tower55 models made(it was preordered). i run DCC ONLY, so i wouldn't know of ANY problems with running these on DC. MY engine runs ABSOLUTELY SMOOTHLY, and i have NO PROBLEMS with the sound, or ANY OTHER aspect of the engine:thumb:.

    Having problems with sound while running on DC is NOT a new issue:rolleyes:, and Tower55 IS NOT the only company that has had problems with sound while running on DC;). Athearn has had problems with there sound decoders sounds while running on DC, and when QSI first came out, they had issues with DC too.

    Sound decoders are "fairly new" to this hobby, and are constantly being modified and made better:thumb:. to get the FULL ADVANTAGE of the sound decoders you would have to have DCC, sorry folks, thats just the honest truth. ONLY WITH DCC can you adjust the CV's, to change the volume, change lighting and sound effects, etc. DC gives you NO CHANCE to use ALL of the lighting and sound effects at this time. Athearn, and engines with QSI sound decoders in them(like P2K etc.) have external "sound control boxes" to aide DC users so they can take advantage of SOME of the effects these decoders offer. Digitrax at this time is VERY NEW to sound decoders, thus they do NOT have an external box to help the DC users out. HOWEVER, using the Digitrax sound decoder WITH DCC, has little or no problems:thumb:. i know Tower55, Athearn, P2K, etc. sells these EXPENSIVE engines to run on DC or DCC:rolleyes:, but it boggles me why someone would buy one of these EXPENSIVE engines, and NOT have DCC to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the MANY features they have to offer:confused:.

    MY BOTTOM LINE IS, i have a Tower55 and am PROUD OF IT!:D MY engine runs ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, the sound works GREAT, the lights work GREAT and i have had ZERO PROBLEMS with it:thumb:. I HAVE NO REASON TO KNOCK TOWER55 ENGINES;).

    just MY thoughts;). :D -Deano
  17. CRed

    CRed Member

    I have two BLI locos,a C&NW E7 and a DM&IR RSD-15 and when I use a Quantum Engineer I get all the lighting effects and all the sounds that BLI has listed for those products.I have a PCM Santa Fe F3 A/B set on the way so I'll need DCC to take full advantage of the sounds and lighting on it,but I was planning on going DCC anyways.

  18. CRed

    CRed Member

    I am thinking about getting a Tower 55 NP ES44DC,does anyone know if this model has problems?

  19. Thoroughbreed

    Thoroughbreed Member

    I just ordered 2 of the SP concept Explorer units, and they'll be in Friday. If you order direct from them, they give a 10% web discount, and their real fast with shipping. I ordered them today at 4:45, and figured they'd ship tomorrow, but they're in UPS right now.:thumb: :thumb:
    And if I like them enough, I'll prob get 2~3 of the NS GEVO's:D
  20. CRed

    CRed Member

    I got my NP unit last week,love it!


    The SP unit looks pretty cool also,maybe a little to colorful for me though:thumb:.

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