Anyone have a Building Plan for a HO Tressel Bridge?

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by TN_Trainman, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Hello unto the gauge, well as some of you know I will need to place a tressel over the little Warrior River Section of the Tennessee and Western RR. The distance is 26 inches across and although I have been looking on Ebay I have yet to find a bridge that is of that length so I have decided to try my hand at building one.

    And also later on I will need to span the little warrior yet again at the exit door way and that span will need to be 36 inches across.

    So with that in mind does anyone have any plans or links to plans for a tressel bridge?

    As allways Happy Railroading!!
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    Here's a pic of a trestle kit (the one in the back) that may work for you. I think the max span is 24", but you could probabaly stretch it a bit if you wanted to by scratch-adding more stringers and one more bent. I've seen what appears to be the same kit on ebay under different names. I think Ruby Mountain is one. I've bought and built two kits, one per the instructions and one a kit-bash using about half of the parts. I still have the left-over bents if you want one.
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    Nice work on the rust on your girder bridge, Doc. :thumb: :thumb:

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    Hi George
    I started building a trestle bridge just for fun, I dont have any pictures jet, but I got my info out of the book call Bridges & Trestles it is about $20.00 and I think is go all the information you need.
    Good Luck from Carlos M Garcia.wall1
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    Check out the following website for Black Bear Construction:
    Black Bear Construction Co. Home Page
    click on the HO trestle kits and then click on the individual items. They have some excellent drawings that are pretty easy to copy.
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    I am planning to start making a trestle bridge myself for my layout and I happened upon a few websites that might help in your efforts.

    PRR Standard MOW Plans - Plan 79301-C
    has a pretty informational guidline on making a trestle bridge if you are interested in scratch building it

    That specific page was taken from this website itself and it also has more standards and some all around good stuff
    PRR Standard Plans

    Well good luck with your modelling and I would be curious to see how yours turns out :thumb:

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