Anyone got a cure for Butterflyitis?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by wunwinglow, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Hi all

    As for model building, well Iam a contractor and its not having to work to a dead line and the fact that you can do what you want when you want that I love about it all.
    All my models do get finished in the end but its that old tale, I see something and my mind goes of on a tangent. The old OOOOOOOOOH that looks good I wounder ( by this time what I was doing just went out the window :lol: )

    This is my build state at the moment

    Yamato (yes the kits complete but extras to do :roll: )
    Yamato (redesign to 1944 state)
    Tennessee (design and build frames and hull plates complete)
    Free truck from Chris(Nosports)

    And my big problem is every time I walk past the Fly Model B-17 I get the DT's :lol:
    These are just the on going builds if you want to talk models waitting, oh my what a pile I have :roll:
    So far Ive not bought a model I wished I had not, even Missouri with all its problems is great fun :D

    Well enough of my ramblings


  2. Sometimes I too suffer from Timitus and never seem to get anything done. But we have to ask ourselves just we personally expect to get out of this hobby. And that's what it is for most of us a hobby. All I expect to get out of it is the personal enjoyment of the technical challenge. But if I fai so what. I currently don't even have any models finished and on display. If I am not happy with them they get tossed (unfinished mostly as something went to hell in a handbasket :lol: ) But it is no big loss as they are all copies of printed kits or from CD's or freebies. As t the cost of the "kits". We are not paying for the time to burn the CD or the printing costs. We are paying for the design time and the skill of the designer(s). Look at the job Roman is doing at Digital Navy. Are the kits pricey. To some maybe but I look at it as being offered an extension of his skills that most off us could never reach. And I wonder just how many copies of each kit he has sold. I suspect it is not as large as we think. I have shown some people at work the pictures ot the kits of his I have purchased and when I tell them the price for the mnost part they say the cost is low. And with Dr. Zarkov getting into ships now I expect to see the overall quality of the printed and CD models go up. Rant over. Just my opinion.
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    :wink: Hi Folks, well I have currently 4 models on my desk. almost every evening I'm working an them a bit.Sometimes on this one or that one. It depends on my mood :roll: I guess. There is at least one plane (at the moment FG's B-24 ) and the rest are ships. For me its relaxing ,after a hard day of work.

    Happy Modeling:
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    I am afflicted with this awful compulsion to finish my current model before I start another. I have stacks of models that are calling for me to build them, but I cannot enjoy starting a new model unless the previous one is complete. Unfortunately, this has resulted in my living room being inundated with aircraft hanging from the ceiling, since there are always more models I wish to build. Any ideas on how to break this habit?
  5. Gil

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    One way is to so thouroughly mess it up that it's only salvation is the trash (dust bin). This has a wonderful cleansing effect on your consciousness..., "I'm finally rid of that nagging, pesky, ill fitting mongrul of a model". This lasts until the guilt part catches up and you frantically reprint the scanned files or place another order on the internet. Having unfinished models lying about helps in the absolution of a necessary and deliberate filing in the dust bin though...,

    Best, Gil
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    Pash, I have a solution! I'll send you all my half-baked projects, and you can send me some of your unstarted kits!

    Tim P
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    The alternative to the trash bin is the proverbial bit of lighter fluid or gasoline soaked tissue paper stuffed inside part of the model... With maybe a Black Cat (firecracker) or two wrapped inside... :) I have to admit that that's the end a few (well maybe 10 or 20 at least) of my old plastic and some paper kits have had. I just couldn't see putting them in a dumpster, and I couldn't bring myself to give that "trash" to some other kid to play with. Too embarrasing to give away, not good enough to keep, but there's still that nagging temptation to pull it out of the bin, well, once it "goes" there's no more temptation. :twisted: :roll: :lol: :shock: :wink:

  8. Gil

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    BB and pellet guns can also be worked into this solemn ritual...,

    Best, Gil

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