Anyone got a cure for Butterflyitis?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by wunwinglow, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hi, my name is Tim, and I am a Butterflyaholic........

    Yeah, Go Tim, Clap clap clap clap......

    Anyone else care to join in the therepy? Ah, symptoms, you ask. I will explain.

    I currently have about a dozen projects actively on my workbench, PC, in my head etc etc. I must have at least 3 times that number started, partially researched, materials purchased, kits in a pile, etc etc etc.

    My problem is I just CANNOT stay focused on any one, long enough to actually finish it. You all know the problem, only get the odd hour or two here and there, a project starts to drag, but then something else grabs your attention, (thank you Internet so VERY much!!!) and booof, I'm off on another research/buy/stash spree.

    Guys, I realise I need help. I need to focus. I must not be distracted.

    Hmmm, 1:16 Russian Ace pilots, eh? Interesting......


    Tim P
  2. jrts

    jrts Active Member


    If you don't do these things you would have another problem, DROOLING all the time over possibilities it can get antisocial so why bother changing :lol:
    Ive been told if I start another build I will get battered :shock:


  3. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    I sympathize, Tim, and - as you say - recognize the symptoms. Have no cure though, only comfort:

    Periodically resolving to leave a number of good and viable projects behind, in order to concentrate on a particular project, or at least line of projects, gives a wonderful sense of calm. "No regrets, but I can't do everything. Let's do this thing well instead."

    It lasts for a while, and it's very good, for that while.

    But of course, soon enough, as you say, new lines of inquiry insist to come to the fore. And we're off again, clearing our decks to be able to settle down once again, seeking that brief period of serenity.

    We really are hooked on serenity, aren't we, forever in search of it, exposing ourselves to chaos just to be able to find it again.

    Ooops. That was kind'a deep on a Tuesday morning.

    Thanks for playing along with the Russian Ace.

  4. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member


    what's the problem, I thought that's normal :lol: . for me it's a kind of freedom to start whenever I want without worrying about the schedule. there are enough schedules for everything but not for my cardmodels (with one of the other exception :roll: ) the only problem is to store the unbuild parts in a way you may find them again without looking for them for hours.

    cheers from austria
  5. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    It's a matter of perspective. It's not that you aren't going to finish a model,
    it's the work you've got to do at a conceptual or developmental level to rectify an obvious problem with a model that just delays completion - sometimes by an arbitrary time.


  6. cardfan

    cardfan Member

    That is my problem exactly. I have the attention span of a brain damaged moth and I am an incurable collector. I have had people try to tell me that a garage is for cars... that is why I have a driveway.

    To make matters worse, I also dabble in large scale model railroading and restoration of Volkswagens. Anyone have a line on a good VW Bus model?


    Currently trying to finish a large number of projects...
  7. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

  8. gera

    gera Member



    I have 2 ships, 1 tank and three aircraft on different stages of completion and last night I desided that tonight I'll start a helicopter I been wanting to do for about a year.................. :oops:

  9. Peter H

    Peter H Member

    I think you have to ask the questions, "what is the difference between a hobby/recreation and everything else ??(ie. full time work) and then there is the another "am I doing what I enjoy or am I doing what everyone else seems to enjoy ??"

    The second question I think is subtle because a lot of people transfer their experience in everyday work to the their modelling. For example a modellor who is a contractor must finish a job in set time to earn X$ per hour. Who is to say thats how they think of modelling and quality as well, so completing a model is a given. Also some people(we are not all the same) do find real enjoyment in completing complex models to a high degree of quality.

    Personally I love the process as much as I do the outcome. Some years back to avoid frustration (ie. where did I put that?) I bought five plastic trays and "in progress" work goes in each one and it's nothing to have five half finished jobs. If a sixth takes my fancy (gee I like that I16...hehe) then I look at the five trays and dump one in the basket......why....because eight formers and some cut out bulkheads mean as much to me as a finished model (ie. enjoyment) or I might look at the trays and decide to finish a model so I go on and start that russian model.

    Don't get hung up 2WG. The "process" and "completion" are simply labels for events *in* cardmodelling.

    I thought we were all doing cardmodelling ??
  10. lgl007

    lgl007 Member

    Hey gang,

    I have yet NOT to finish a project I start. Here's a little tip on how I keep myself on track and continually enthused with a project. Yes, there's so much on the net that gets our attention, but to refocus back to your project at hand, try doing more research on it, read a book about it, start a new thread on the forum about it, see a movie of the genre... etc... For instance when I was building my P-51 two things kept me going... one, the fact that I was writing a very detailed article on the build and many were looking forward to reading it, and two I did more and more digging about the P-51 and it's history - read lots of good stories about the pilots and their aircraft...

    I find that movies of the topic at hand really really work great to get one's mind back and interested in the project... try that...

    Hope it helps...

  11. cardfan

    cardfan Member

    Thanks Rick,

    I love that site. It looks like different scans from the last time I saw them. I have tried that model before but the original scans were skewed and didn't work. I did a quick search and found the pickup model offered in its original uncut form for $325. If you get the chance check out the covers to Gute Fahrt Junior magazine. Great VW pictures and also one of the Arctic Snow Cat. Fun stuff! :)

    There goes my attention span again, another project...

  12. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    It's deja vu all over again...,

    As a hobby it means absolutely no deadlines, no deliverables, no worries, no care for anything outside of the card fantasy within each suffers head which is subject to change by whim. So off with Whimsy I go, not a care for you or your heirs, I've got mine and it's just fine, off with Whimsy I go...,

    Best, Gil
  13. Bob Ebophalus

    Bob Ebophalus Member

    So far I've finished all but one cardmodel. Whenever I start thinking about starting another, I'll just tell myself "NO!! work on this until it's done." I'm thinking very hard about breaking my own rule and starting DN's Ambrose.
  14. barry

    barry Active Member

    Limited shelf space !!

  15. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hi Tim

    I was going to post a reply yesterday, but I got sidetracked.

    I definitely have a short attention span, coupled with procrastination and indicission. I can think about something for hours, before actually not doing it! :oops:

    I've only been doing this for about a year and a half, so I haven't actually finished anything, yet. Oh wait, I did finish the Yamaha Motorcycle... even wrote a kind of report on it.

    BTW. How do you include a link, that shows a neat "Go Here", instead of the whole great long URL?

    Whoops...a little off track there.

    Oh ya.. I have about three models, actually in progress, and I don't think it is a bad thing. Sometimes doing a part in one model will spark an idea of how to do something(entirely unrelated) in a different project. For example, while working on installing wire rings for porthole on a ship model....I'm thinking that this ring would also make a bearing to allow a paper shaft to turn more easily....a problem that I was having with my crawler model. It's in that shoe box, over there. I use shoe boxes to store my "works in progress". Some are just the right size to allow a 8.5 x 11 sheet to lay flat in the bottom. Chocolate boxes are good too. The ones with the plastic tray divided into a dozen or so compartments. Geat for storing and keeping track of small parts.

    :oops: Sorry, ... that was a different thread.

    Anyway, my current model is mostly on the kitchen table, because there is another on on my work desk, with the third pile up at the back. So, if I was to start something else, (want to do a plane, sometime) I'd just have to scoop something into another shoe box.

    1:16 Russian Ace pilots :?: ........

  16. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    I a definitely have a form of A.D.D. when it comes to finishing a model. I have literally dozens of kits, plastic and paper, that have been collecting dust half finished for years. Not to mention the dozen or so u nopened paper model kits that I recently stocked up on. On top of those kits, I also occasionally build balsa models. This summer I worked a good month on a Piper Super 95 Cub only to complete the entire frame and get only the tail surfaces covored in tissue. I got so excited by the little brochure in the Piper kit becuase it contained a B-25, so I ended up buying the B-25 kit without bothering to finish the Piper. Now i have two incomplete balsa kits, along with an incomplete P-38 i started a few years ago. Not to mention the RC plane I invested about $200 in only to stop progress when it came time to install the servos. And there's more..... :lol: Last winter my family bought a new model railroad from Marklin, but ended up returning it. Before the took it back though I had time to look through the catalague and spotted the Z guage models. Of course I had to have one so I bought a nice little starter set and hope to make a full diorama eventually. Yes i definitely have a problem :oops: :lol:
  17. Leif Oh

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  18. silverw

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  19. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Lack of focus

    You guys suffer from a lack of focus. :wink:
    I am the proverbial contractor. I have a NEED to
    finish models. ( I really am a private contractor on the side)
    The uncompleted project will never be finished if you don't stay focused.

    I have a few that remain unfinished, but I am resigned
    to the fact they never will be. Whatever drew me to that
    model, did not live up to the expectaions, or build quality
    and fit I anticipated.

    I don't spend money on paper models.
    So If I don't finish it, no loss to me.
    One of the big attractions to paper modeling
    for me, was the vast array of free offerings on the web.
    Many of comparable quality to "purchased" kits.
    AND I can design/build my OWN models if I want.
    Materials costs are low.

    I do this for fun. I think that many model prices are too high.
    But thats just my opinion. The expenses involved with
    printing the model are all mine. That should keep the
    cost of the model down. Ink cartridges are 30$.
    Cardstock ain't free. All are my expense, and at a
    much higher cost than they are to a publisher.

    Pre-printed kits are different.
    In that instance the publisher has incurred the expense.
    That plus shipping warrents a higher fee.
    (But not as high as they seem to charge, paper is cheap
    and they already have the printing set-up)
    But I have never purchased a pre-printed kit.
    Heck, I've never even seen one. Laser cut parts?
    Wow they have those? :wink:

    If I spend money for something, I use it; Or I keep
    my pennies in my pocket. Waste not want not.

    Best Regards,
  20. tino

    tino Member

    At this moment I am trying to finish all the models that I start and still have unfinished models...
    PzKpfw I from Super Model that it is a simple and inexpensive tank but i am in the midle of its construction because i decided to make it in my parents house he is there since April but mean while I have made the PAH HAC Tiger from Modelik and the P 51 D from Halinski and now I am working on the Me 262 fro GPM. I really need to take it to my home...
    2nd i have the Digital navy admirable to finish since February simply because the model doesnt come with gun barrels and things like that...
    3rd :? is the P 51D from Halinski (yes I know that I said that I build it when I talk about the Pz I) that I can consider complete but still think in adding the drop tanks under the wings and I am thinking in make that soon after finish the ne 262 off course.
    I always try to finish models because after I spend many hours and days building a model it was a waste of time if I doesnt finish the model even if the model have some errors from me or from the model itself.
    Stop building a model or destroy an unfinished models should be the last thing to do and should be avoided at all costs :)

    I hope to put some pictures of all of this models soon but first I need to end the film that it is in the camera and then develop that film and pray to the pictures come right this time. :oops:


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