Anyone going to the Ottawa show?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by MasonJar, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Here's a link to the Nepean Toy and Train Show to be held this weekend (Sept 20-21) in Nepean (Ottawa).

    I have been the past few years with my daughter (sort of a tradition now). It's a decent show, with a large "garage sale" area for some deals, and several local hobby shops and dealers. There is also a handcar ride form the Smiths Falls Railway Museum, and other toys - Meccano is the largest display usually.

    Anyone going besides me? ;)

  2. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    I'm afraid I won't be able to make it Andrew - it's my weekend with my stepkids. But have fun and take pix if you can!

  3. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Sorry Andrew,, And we had to cancell The Railfair show , so it`s up to you to post some pictures for us:D

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