Anyone ever go to's in Houston this weekend...

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    The World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour is a new kind of event that showcases the hobby of model railroading. Sponsored by the Model Railroad Industry Association and by the World’s Greatest Hobby Program, the show is intended to introduce the general public to model railroading in an entertaining, lively and family-friendly atmosphere. There will be hands on operating railroads for both children and adults. The show hopes to create new train enthusiasts by exposing the public to the very best model railroading has to offer. The hobby of model railroading has a unique ability to bring the family together in activities that teach many skills. Model Railroad skills span from carpentry to artistry, from electrical engineering to historical research. Model Railroading is the World’s Greatest Hobby.

    Can you expect any good deals, etc.??? Looking for a TMCC capable steam engine and tender (or set) at a good price...
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    When it was in St. Louis about a year ago it was mostly operating layouts on display, not a lot of stuff for sale. I didn't get to go (had to work :curse: ) but that was what people who did get to go said about it.

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