Anyone designing figures?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Lex, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Stev0

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    There was recently 2 paper model kits of soldiers at I think 1/12 scale.

    One was of an American Airborne Soldier and the other was a German Wehrmacht Soldier. I think they are out of print and I have yet to even find references to them online.
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    I usually don't use a program for figures.
    My avatar is a self-portrait action figure. I made the original out of modeling compound and then made molds of the parts and cast it out of polyurethane resin. It's not a process that I want to do again since the polyurethane is smelly and the materials expensive.
    I think of a computer as being the replacement for the mold, rather than for the design work.
    More recently I've been making small spit-wad figures. On the computer I draw flattened cones and cylinders. This controls the basic amount of material. I work the paper wet, more as if it is paper machete or clay--or a spit-wad.
    I think that unwrap programs produce figures that look like they have exoskeletons. Also at the size I'm working, it's too difficult to accurately control folds.
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    Just so everyone knows I'm going to release a few 1/72 figures in a couple different versions in a while. Theres a schutzstaffel soldier and WWII German infantry so far, 3d, not flats.
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    3D? Can you explain how you are accomplishing this? I too have thought about figures in this scale and thought of building up layers of "flats". At that scale I think you could get a realistic appearance with a little work. I look forward to your efforts.

    "spit wads" or papier mache. How would you get the surface detail that is consistent with commercially available figures made from styrene? Or is this not a concern? I would be curious to see your efforts as well?

    In general I think adding figures to whatever genre model you are constructing adds "something". It helps to give it scale and sets off the model in ways that only figures can. Admittedly my opinion only. I can see building dioramas with card models just as some do now with styrene and other media. Again, I look forward to seeing more on this subject.


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