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    Looking forward to this, not sure why, but I more Tron can't be a bad thing.
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    This looks good. I really liked the first movie as dated as it seems now. The game was a great update, with some cool levels and ideas in it. I may have to dig it out and play through it again. Glad to see they got Jeff Bridges back....I wonder if Bruce Boxleitner will make an appearance too?
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    According to the official Tron 2.0 site Bruce and Jeff are reprising their roles...
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    Holy cow!!!!
    About time they made a second movie.....
    Every movie that uses CGI owes it all to Tron... how cool is this???
    I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!!!!!!!

    Did I mention I can't wait?? :mrgreen:
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    I would tend to disagree there. GL may have expanded on TRON and The Last Starfighter, but those two films were the first to show that computers were viable tools for special effects work. Then came Toy Story, and then in 1997 George felt that the technology had developed to the point that he could let his imagination flow the way he wanted to in '77. Star Wars' CG technology was strictly limited to the motion control software, and that is what you are probably thinking about.
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    Star Trek II used the first animated sequence.
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    Ah, forgot about that one. But really, I think TRON was the first 'significant' use of CG in movies. That sequence in TwoK was just a few seconds long.

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    Tron was the first major use of CGI in a film. ILM's was Wrath of Kahn.

    Lassiter was at Disney when they were making Tron and that's what got him excited about the potential. He even did a test animation based on "Where the Wild Things Are" of Max chasing his dog through the house. Lassiter was booted shortly thereafter and ended up at ILM; where he worked on pretty much anything that was done with CGI (Actually, I think that "Young Sherlock Holmes" stained glass knight was ILM's first CGI piece; now that I think about it).

    Lucas saw CGI as a support tool to movies, rather than a way to tell a story, so he sold off the CG division to Steve Jobs and Pixar was born.
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    You could say that Tron was the first feature length computer animated film. As TV was already starting to use the technology. Things were being done in CG before that but mostly being used for Ads and short promotional videos and don't forget Flight Training and simulation software that was the leader in the use of computer imagery.

    Back then it took a cray computer or SGI workstation to make animated movies. SGI who's principal claim currently is the JAVA environmental suite. I think many associate TRON with computer graphics as the story's setting was inside a computer.

    Star Trek - The Motion Picture had more CGI sequences then TWOK. You didn't notice them as much though as they were effect shots and not 'presented' as CGI as it was in the second movie. The technology was newer at that time too so it was even harder to do.

    Now a days a person with a reasonable PC can do so much more then even those two films combined. I liked the Last Starfighter too. The reluctant Alex Rogan trying to figure out life and battle the Zor armada at they same time.

    Remember Tron was before the Internet so now the Internet may play a bigger role in this coming movie. I must say it looks pretty cool. But it looks for the lack of a better word old. The MCP as it was then was reduced to it's former code 'Chess Program' at the end of the last one. People were afraid of computers then. WarGames came along and made everyone think 'What could happen if computers run things' Now computers are almost a part of the family. You take them when go out. You listen to your music on them you watch video with them. Most people would be lost without them (gps) to say nothing of major transportation systems relying heavily on them.

    A scary situation would be not what computers can do but what would we do if we were forced to suddenly work without them. An EMP or something that wipes out technology would people be able to cope with that??? Could be a cool movie idea?

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    Boy, you are too right on that. I caught that worm everyone was worried about on April Fool's Day. Fortunately, my youngest son created a back door on the CPU which allows me to still use it until I can get the worm removed.

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