Anyone Built the F/A-18 From Halinski?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Rawjinks, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Rawjinks

    Rawjinks New Member

    Getting ready to begin construction on the plane and wondered if anyone had any pre-construction tips.


  2. airbob

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    FA-18 Super Hornet?

    I've got the Super Hornet Kit if that is what we're talking about...I'm obligated to build a model for a friend who has a son that is going to fly this bird...the kit looks impressive and difficult at initial glance...all these new jets have very detailed areas around the intake ports that make them tough...we'll see!!!:wink: I would recommend that you scan the difficult areas and do a proactive build before you tackle the original kit...if you plan to build from it...
  3. DAMiller Studios

    DAMiller Studios New Member

    Hello all,

    here is my work in progress of the Modelik Super Hornet. If anyone has a ready built canopy please let me know your price. I don't want to bother with making it myself

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  4. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    I just ordered the Halinski F/A18 from the Paper Model Store. There is a nice build of it on website. Find the word "suchen" at the top (means search), and type in "hornet" and you will see the build.

  5. D-WHALE

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  6. exzealot

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  7. alfadoc

    alfadoc Member

    halinski hornet

    Yes, I have. Watch out for the jet intakes. They are hideously complicated.
  8. jeanma

    jeanma New Member

    for piece of canopy, i sujest you to look, when you go to "reload your kitchen", the conditionment of everything.
    I just buy a new headset, and palstic around the circle parts is as similar as some canopy section (front, middle or rear...)
  9. BCA

    BCA New Member

    Check with PMS, there's a section listed for canopies. I've used one on a P-51C, it's preformed and looks good.
    Here's the link;

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