Anybody use RRCirKits TC-64?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by S/390, Nov 16, 2006.

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    I like this box. 64 I/O lines on Loconet. Plug in up to 8 daughter boards to drive 8 block detectors, 8 turnouts, or 4 four aspect signals, EACH. And from the same people that make LocoBuff. :wave:

    Here's my story. My (phase II) plan is to have 2 mains, one freight and one passenger, both signaled. I figure I'll have about 16 blocks, about 16 turnouts (including the yard), and lots of signals. Most likely under TrainController, but that's still up in the air.

    I'm 99% sure I'm going with Digitrax, so naturally I took a hard look at the SE8C card. Pretty nice, up to 32 4 aspect signals, probably more than I'll use. But my problem with the SE8C is the "base kit" required on each mast. It's N scale, so I'll need to "cut off" the head, and mount/wire my own HO head/mast. Look, I'll be busy enough just trying to get the layout down, and wired, and programmed, and working on secenery, etc. The last thing I need is "building my own signals"... Off I went looking for alternative Loconet Signals...

    I'm thinkng about using the Tower 64 for signal and turnout control. 2 daughter boards will cover my 16 turnout requirement, and 6 signal boards will give me 24 4 aspect heads. I'm going to use the BDL168 for block detection. What sold me on the 168 is the wiring. One wire provides both (track B) power and detection. It does require insulated blocks, but that's still much easier than wiring all those little IR detectors I was thinking about, or the remote coils that the Tower uses for each block. Talk about busy... Plus if I used the Tower for detection, it would require 2 of the 8 ports to cover 16 blocks. I'ld rather have more signals. :)

    So, anybody done anything with the TC-64?

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