Anybody run Amtrak in N ?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by csxengineer, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. MCL_RDG

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    Wait'll KATO rolls out GG-1s!

    I have plans to run AMTRAK! You bet! Big black GG-1s and a E-8 that wants AMTRAK paint sooooooooooooo bad.

    Yeah, I'll be modeling AMTRAK when no one knew what an AMTRAK Phase scheme was.

  2. oleirish

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    We try again
  3. Herc Driver

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    Nscaler711 - I like the "grimy-ness" that the oil chalks gave you. Is that stuff hard to work with? Does is stay on well without smudging? I have not "sealed" my chalk weathering with a dull coat since I don't yet have an airbrush. So now and again, I add a little color here and there to already weathered cars and engines. But I might try the oils if they work better and give more realistic results. I've even seen a guy at a train show use his wife's old eye make-up (on the trains - not himself) to weather the trains. He preferred it to chalks because it came in better and more subtle earth tone shades and was very difficult to remove - and therefore didn't need any dull coat since it hardly smudged at all (according to him). I might give both a try.
  4. nscaler711

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    it can be hard to work with it smudges easily like chalks do, but i havnt yet added dull cote yet i would like to, but i dont hardly ever touch my locos un less they ar in dis-repair

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