anybody know what this is?? Or what its for?

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by who_dat73, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. who_dat73

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    I am a UP collector if its got a shield I will probly give ya moneys for it ;)
    But my question is I got this in a grouping of things and it was listed as a handel but what is it for? I am sure it was a Union Pacific promo piece but not sure what is ment to do? all I can tell you for sure is the little ring slides on the shoolace like loop but other then that got any ideas what to do with it?
    Thanks in advance Mike

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  2. G Pfeifer

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    That is a loop for carrying one of the suit bags with hangers out the top. Put the hanger necks in the loop, run the handle back through the loop and it will hold the items securely and the wire hangers will not tear up your hands. I have one and will sell it to you for a "thong".:rolleyes:
  3. who_dat73

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    thanks always intrested in learning new things about my collection

    Thanks for the info I always like to find out new things about what I have in my collection.
    My wife cant understand my addiction to the UP but I guess Hanable Lecter had a point when he said you covet the things you see everyday :thumb:.
    But if you know of any Up items out there that somone might want to get rid of let me know will ya I am always looking for intresting stuff to add to my collection.

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