Anybody have a KATO TGV?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by TerryR, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. TerryR

    TerryR Member

    Could you do me a favor & measure how long it is? Also, how many cars it is (I believe they come in 6 & 10 variants, maybe others?)


  2. swissjohn

    swissjohn Member

    Basic Kato TGV is 6 cars (including 2 x power cars) and is 32"long.
    4 car add-on set is available to make a full length TGV which takes the overall length to 52"
    Hope this helps.

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  3. TerryR

    TerryR Member

    Thanks John!

    That's exactly what I needed.

    Nice picture too :)

  4. RI541

    RI541 Member


    That is a real nice picture. Is that your lay-out? and if it is could you send in some more pics??
  5. Xaniel

    Xaniel Member

  6. swissjohn

    swissjohn Member

    Thanks Luis Daniel.........You're too kind !!!:eek:
  7. jdh

    jdh Member


    great scenery!

    what brand of groundcover are you using?
  8. swissjohn

    swissjohn Member

    Hi jdh
    The ground cover is mostly grass from the German company NOCH. It is "sprayed" onto the layout from a plastic sqeezy bottle after coating the area with glue (or paint). The bushes are Woodland Scenics foam.
  9. Gavin Miller

    Gavin Miller Member


    LOVED the photo. Nice European scenery.

    I particularly liked the two-wheel track and the tractor.
  10. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    Now seee... I knew that stuff, too.
    BUT I was a court'n my sweetie these past days an' missed
    putt'n my know. Oh well... ;)

    I'm still repaint'n my TGV. Perhaps I should do more paint'n an less court'n.
    Not sure which is more fun, and less costly on
    the ol' wallet. :rolleyes: :p :D
  11. jdh

    jdh Member

    Thanks for the info swissjohn!
    I have some of their trees, but not the ground cover.
    I will have to get a bag/box/bottle....

    I do have two bottles of their tree leaves [came with a super trees kit that I was given as a gift].

    Sir_Prize; you can always get more out of a fifty year old train set than you can a fifty year old female....
  12. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    True.... But....
    The train is only 10 and the gals 26.
    Not sure who's quicker or more fun. ;) :eek:

    It is a neat set though.
    Ever seen the Kato Superview Oridiko.
    That set is really nice, everything comes lit.

    P.S. -For my own safety...
    I wasn't here and I didn't type the first few lines.;)

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