any ZTC users about?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by dhutch, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    Hi, i run a ZTC(UK) system, and i was just wondering if theres any one else here runnin the same system?
  2. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member

    Yes, I have a ZTC system, consisting of a master controller and 3 slave controllers
    The setup includes over 35 points linked to ZTC304 decoders.
    Presently have 10 locos, mixture of Steam & Diesel, of which I can run atleast 6 at the same time with no difficulty.
    The track includes three reverse loops which work perfectly.

    Very pleased with the equipment & would recommend to new DCC users.
  3. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    AH cool.

    - I only have two locos, and theres ussally only me driving, but DCC is still cool, the fact you can leave the loco 'parked' anywhere, and then go off and drive another loco stright off no need for isolating siddings etc.
    - Also, i have a revering loop and the ZTC system just sorted that out for me with no problems. Just wire it up, and bobs your uncal!

    I havnt electrifyed any of my points yet, i've fitted about half the points with motors, but there not wired up yet.
    - Im currently debating weather to use DCC to power them, or do it "old school" with a layout diagram and a load of spring loaded center-off double throw switches and a wire it up with some ribbon cable.

  4. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member

    Dear Daniel,

    ZTC presently have a special offer on ZTC304 decoders, having controlled points makes it much more interesting, especially with the presets (additional memory module required). Adding signals can also being linked to the ZTC304s. Should you add ZTC304 decoders suggest having a separate power supply.

    Hope to post a few photos shortly.
  5. shaun_m

    shaun_m New Member

    Photos ZTC Equipment

    Photos now available in Gallery, under members area, DCC (UK)
  6. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    Cool, just had a look at that, wonderfull set you have there.

    There are a few (old) photos of my (smaller) layout on my website, which is in my sig.

  7. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Ummm... what gallery, under which members area? :confused: :confused:
  8. boppa

    boppa Member

    up the top woodie-5th one along ;-)
  9. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Oh deeeer...... :rolleyes: hamr hamr

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