Any track plan's for a layout this small?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by KCS, Jul 14, 2007.

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    OK, here we go again. I have two piece's of 1/2" birch ply wood that I had left over from a project so I ended up keeping it to build on. The first piece is 8' x 9 3/4" The second piece is 3' 1/4" x 1' 5". It's about all I have room for anyway. Sense the layout will be operation/switching all the track will be hand laid from Proto87 part's. Very detailed track work. Does anyone have any idea of how I can use what I have and put a plan to it because I have no idea. The 8' piece is wide enough for 4 tracks deep so I might be able to put some small building's along one side with building panels as a back drop for industries.

    I'm kinda hopping I can get a small yard on the other piece of wood with at least 3 tracks and the rest of the area for what ever. A layout this small will allow for extreme detailing. I'll have to get some 1"x 4"'s for the frame work but I can't until I have a track plan so I'll know where the best place for the 3' x 1' sheet would be, that way I'm not wasting any material. I have a set of 6 coal porters, one tank, one covered hopper, 3 open ballast hopper's, one gondola, two flat car's, crane, SD40-2 and a MP-15 switcher and a couple of box car's that I will use only on this layout sense they are equipped with Sergent couplers and can't not be used on the club layout.

    Of course this layout isn't big enough to run intermodel so I'll leave those put up. Any one up for creative track plan's? Also, I have no clue as to the radius of any turn's but I don't want to use anything smaller than #5 switch's. Yes, that's right. #5's. Proto87 is the only place that I know of that make's an odd number switch like that because I know #4's would be to small. Here are some pictures to give you and idea. The small piece of plywood is on the side but I'm thinking of putting it on the end of the 8' section long way's because if I "T" it then I'll have to invest in even more wood and I'm just trying to use what I have. Thanks in advance guy's.:wave:
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