Any shops in Belgium ???

Discussion in 'International Modelers' started by Dancooper, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Dancooper

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    I have been toying around with free models from the internet, but I would really love to try out a "real" kit, big and detailed. However, not having a credit card (and PayPal doesn't work in Belgium) doesn't allow me to order online.
    The sad thing is, I haven't seen a paper kit in any shop in Belgium.

    Solutions please [beg]
  2. cgutzmer

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    Well thats a tough one. Cardmodels can be near impossible to find in stores. There are some drop dead awesome freebies out there that easily rival purchased kits. However purchased ones have nicer print usually because they dont use plain old inkjets. How about ebay? That should have some alternative payment options.
  3. JerzyBin

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    Hello Dancooper,

    I have no problem with shipping to Belgium, well if you are interested in ships :)
    On my website it shows PayPal also, but I have been asked by few from Germany for instance if things can be paid via bank transfer - answer is YES.

    Within EU you can transfer Euro with no extra charge from Belgium to Austria provided you have full IBAN and SWIFT code and account number. So if you need some card ships sets write me an email :) from
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Nice Jerzy! Good to know :)
  5. Amazyah

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    I don't know if they are available in Belgium or not but here is my suggestion anyway.
    Here in the US we can go to the store and buy a credit card and put however much money you want to on it. Use it for your purchase and then throw it away.
    This is a great protection against credit card fraud also as it is a throw away number which won't be used again.
    Also, you don't need credit to get it.:grin:

  6. Dancooper

    Dancooper Member

    Thanks for the link, Jerzy, and indeed I am into ships as well, however I don't feel up to one of those great period ships yet. I am more into monitor- and dreadnaught type of ships at the moment. But if I ever feel I have have the skill for one of those oldies, you'll sure hear of me :)

    Unfortunately those single use credit cards don't exist here in Belgium, at least not the "universal" ones, we have something called Wally-card available, but that is only for specific shops and sites (btw there is no connection between a Wally-card and Wallmart, since those don't exist here yet either)
  7. Bernard

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