Any other female model designers out there?

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  1. I said I wouldn't respond again but I feel I have to given the balanced viewpoint expressed by Clasique. I have never felt that the female form is pornogrophy. I am an artist myself and while I don't paint nudes, I do appreciate the subject. I took your advice and checked your work. Your work is not pronography as I have always understood it to be. However depicting the act of sex in any of it's various forms is. One has a right to view it if they wish and I am not on a pulpit campaigning against it. For me it is a moral decision. I try to avoid it myself and I taught my kids (now adults) the same. Does that mean I think they never look at it? I hope not but doesn't mean they don't get curious. I just hope they avoid the things that are truly degrading.
  2. Hi again - perhaps another pertinent question would be, 'How have the women in your life/lives adapted to your interest in card models? Has it got in the way of you having a woman in your life? Any of them ever taken to your handiwork with a lighter?

    Tim, I probably share many of your views on the role of populist media and its considerable shortcomings but my thoughts would extend outside the forum. For example, notwithstanding the production qualities of many popular films and games, the preoccupation with gangsters, psychos, and hitmen, etc as subject matter is something I find banal and socially corrosive. As an artist all I can do is fight back creatively, and this is probably another reason I enjoy card design/modelling. It isn't about things that are transient and entertaining, but subjects that are about history and therefore timeless. As Terry says, in 100 years a Spitfire will still be a spitfire and a Tiger Moth still a Tiger Moth. They will easily outlast the relevance of this years 'must see' film or game...

    However this train of thoughts extend into something that is relative to card models (and modelling in general). And that is the decline in these kinds of activites among younger people (I suppose predominantly Boys in this instance). Given that so many focus on more passive recreation through the game consol and computer, I think card modelling, being accessible via a computer, is at least in the right place. In several years?? when we have print quality desktop printers capable of rendering raised surface detail I think card modeling will be very interesting indeed..


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    You may want to check out Lizzienwell's models. There really excellent. I am surprised no one has mentioned her.
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    Maybe sooner than we think:

    The CandyFab Project - Making Rapid Prototyping a Little Sweeter

    This 3D plotter can use other materials than the sugar paste shown, but the important part is that it was built for around US$1,000 where commercial 3D plotters run US$10,000 and up.

    Think of using one of these alongside a decent inkjet or laser printer; print the parts, then move the sheets into the plotter to add relief and details.
  6. Fabbing... response from you guys about how the ladies in your life fit in with card modelling. C'mon...don't be shy..

    I think 3D printers (Fabbing) aren't quite the technology for card models. I was looking forward to something that would provide raised surface detail on existing paper designs - thus rivets, window frames, and panels could be represented in 3D...Is anything out there.


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    My wife doesn't mind the card modeling - although she'll roll her eyes on occassion when I'm showing her progress too often or discussing too much detail about builds. That's why I've taken to posting build pic's even though I don't believe my build quality is up to snuff - it pushes me to improve and gives me another outlook to say 'hey - look what I've got done!'.
  8. My wife begrudgingly:

    I have to say my wife is suprizingly tolerant of my hobby. I am disabled and find that card modeling takes my mind off the pain. When I focus my attention on my model I take less morpinine. That means I can think better and I can keep my attention on something productive. So she sees it as a theraputic solution. However there are many other things she would rather I do. I virtually stopped painting when I turned my atention back to card modeling. That-- she doesn't like. I started a huge mural in the hallway 4 years ago and it has been unfinished since I took this up. It looks finished to the average person but there is still much to be done. But My wife is a trooper. But hey she has put up with me for over 40 years. I suppose she just wants me around a little longer.
  9. Albatros L 58 nearly done! (whew)

    I don't know what happened to my previous reply, but nearly finished my Albatros L 58. Proved a lot trickier than I thought. I'll post some pictures when finished. After that its back to the Rhorbach Roland and the Farman 190 which are well advanced.

    Sounds like everyone is happy with the female collective in relation to card modeling. I guess the ladies figure it is a great deal better than other activities chaps have as pastimes.
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    As long as I take care of the honey-do list she tolerates my hobbies :)

    How about some pics of your build?
  11. Chris, around here we get around the 'task list' by dedication to the rustic look!!...Actually I haven't ever taken any build shots...good idea..but it will be next week before I can post them...fitting everything in with a new set of BY AIR Classique postcards I'm designing and client work which of course pays for luxuries like...power and food.
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    You dont need electricity - bah! ;)

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