Any other female model designers out there?

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  1. I have been designing card model aircraft for about five years and curious to know if there are any other ladies designing models also.By Air Classique - Postcards and Aircraft Models

    I assume there are gals making them, but any fellow (or is that fellowess) designers?

    Regards Rosie
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    Welcome to the Forum. We do have at least one member here (Lizzie Newell) who is both a writer and modeler. I won't say anything more in the event she prefers to introduce herself.

    By the way. . .can hardly wait for your October introduction of all your great looking early commercial airliners and mail planes. I am a fan and you can count on at least one customer.

  3. 72BMWR75/5

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    Great looking models. Are you planning to release them as preprinted kits or as pdf files? What kind of price range?
  4. Upcoming model releases

    Thanks for the comments. Regarding the BY AIR Classique models they have to fit in with making a living - (artists tend to be at the bottom of the food chain) - and my three and a half year old daughter! We will probably be releasing them in both PDF formats on CD's and as digital prints and I imagine our prices would be in line with other designs of this nature.

    The somewhat obscure nature of our subject matter has meant things have proceeded slower than we would have liked but I would rather get things as correct as possible than put them out there prematurely.

    The other thing that I have tried to do is take a more illustrated approach to the models. One of the primary virtues of printed as opposed to moulded models is the capacity to render surface information impossible to realise in paint. The texture of timber, the stitching and the play of light on a painted surface have been challenging, and as any designer will tell you, there is usually a history of experimentation going back years.

    The BY AIR Classique models also tend to use longitudinal gussets to address compound curves. These are concealed as best as possible, sometimes within the livery of an aircraft, but mitigate the faceting quality (it that is the word) of designs that rely on sections going across the model.


    Rosie Louise
  5. Lex

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    --The fact is, it's probably hard enough to find a female modeller already, not to mention a designer. I think we're very lucky to have you here.

    Ans PS, I also like your models ^_^
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    Sheila Mertens has designed a number of models with a medieval theme -
    Sheila's Papermodels.


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    Obscure is good - you can get a Bf-109 anywhere. A Farman Jabiru or a Junkers A-20 is a whole different story. Keep us updated - I'm sure many of us will gladly leave stacks of cash at your doorstep. ;-)
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    Great paintings Rosie.

    Are the quilts screen printed?

    I was a "stay at home Dad", so I understand how the "young lady" takes precedence.

  9. Clasique--

    Verrrry nice models. Nice to see some estrogen to dilute all this testosterone. Have you seen my invitation for someone to design the OP-2E aircraft. Check my thread in this forum also here is the Link to the sight explaining this amazing aircraft. VO-67 Association - Introduction - Welcome Page
    Carl Hewlet was going to look at this but maybe you would be interested as well. let me know and I will pass on to Carl maybe a joint effort?
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    Sandrine Sheon also design mechanical cards and automata.




    World Upside Down / Monde à l'envers
  11. When did this become a porn site?
  12. rickstef

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    Tim, Rick did warn you.

    Sandrine's work is adult in nature but she does have some cute animals which move

  13. TheWebdude

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    It never has been nor will it become such.

    Paper modelling covers a diverse multitude of subjects.

    Some, such as some of Sandrines work and even Rob Ives of Flying Pigs' Card Bawdy models, are adult in nature.

    Others, such as Jegandous' Figurines, are only available on sites which sell adult material (Though Jegandous work is risque at best.)

    I only pointed you to Sandrines main page. No adult content there and I 'did' warn you there was adult content on that site.

    If you clicked a link and saw something you found offensive it is regrettable but not my fault. Again, you were warned.

    There are a multitude of internet content filtering programs out there for every web browser. Most should prevent you from accessing pages with content you do not wish to see.

    As the thread is about female designers and there are so very few currently she IS worth noting here.
  14. I am all for female designers, more power to them. I checked the site because regardless of your warning anyone can access it including children. I feel this is no place for that kind of stuff. The redeemable value of her other work is of little concern to me. What if your mother baked a cake and the cat did his business in it. She baked it anyway and and served it saying "It was just a little poop the rest is still good" just cut around it? Would you eat it?
    I think when a person chooses to offer this kind of stuff it is their right to do so but I don't think saying she has some "cute animals" does not justify putting them here. I am no prude but I have always felt this site has a lot of class as does it's members at least until now. I simply feel that if we start posting links to porn sites whether animated or other then we are lowering the bar. I don't want to spark a huge debate over this but I know a lot of joung people frequent this site. Why tempt them with this stuff through a seemingly harmless medium? You have the right to censor this kind of stuff and I am not attacking her for her work. I just don't feel it belongs available here!
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    Meh - if kids are going to look for porn on the internet, I'd guess one of the last places they are going to look is a card modelling site. I'd suppose it'd be right before the bingo and quilting forums.
    Ultimately I feel that linking the site, as given with warnings, certainly shouldn't be an issue. It's on topic - and if any kids who are too young are reading this forum without adult supervision - then either the adults are at fault for whatever their children find - or the adults trust the children to avoid things they shouldn't see. It's your right to be offended - but I personally don't think that this one post does anything to degrade the forum or anybody who reads it.
    (And I haven't been to the site yet - emailed it home to check out as the warning made it seem very 'Not work safe').
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    Sandrine was a member of this site before, but due to a database problem we all had to re-sign back up, and she never did.

    When I was one of the admins here, I allowed her site, and would still allow it, with the warnings Rick and I gave you and others.

    When was created, the bulk of the membership was Males over the age of 25, it still holds true to this day, so sites like Sandrine's would get posted, a warning would be given, and we would move on.

  17. This will be my last post on the subject. yes parents have a responsibility but does society have no responsibility at all? Have you ever heard "It takes a village to raise a child". Parents may try but if we make it easy to subvert their efforts then we are guilty. We can't always pass the buck. No one want to take reponsibility anymore. With rights also come reponsibilities. That is where society comes in. When kids become adults then it is up to them to carry out the values they were taught. But we have a responsibility to help parents along the way. No good parent wants his kids looking at this stuff. You can't monitor everything your kid does 24 hrs a day. Or do we forget when we were young? Porno was virtually unavailable when I was a kid and I am grateful because I know as a hormonal young boy I would have gone after it head long and heaven knows what effect that might have had on who I am today? So simply saying "you can say No" is just not enough. So you all can have a go at me if you want but I am not afraid to speak my mind on such matters. Even if it means ridicule by those who just don't care. I'm done with this so don't expect me to reply to any further protests. I feel it is falling on deaf ears.
  18. dansls1

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    Meh - I don't think any less or want to ridicule you. I just have a different opinion on who should have the responsibility for raising a child.
  19. Lex

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    -Not something I should see~

    ==Nezard out==
  20. Female modellers (and designers) why so few...

    Thanks for the positive comments Gentlemen, they are much appreciated and important in keeping me motivated. I have given some thought to why hardly any women make models and fewer design them. We have female pilots, astronauts, engineers etc, so why so few women take up a hobby, which on the face of it would suit many women (given embroidery, paper tole). The following is in no particular order..

    I think IDENTIFICATION, is an important consideration. The 1920's and 1930's featured many female aviators, whereas the majority of models are focused on military subjects, and of course we all know how many female fighter pilots there were!
    I like the Golden Age era, because Aircraft intersected with art, modernism, Jazz and exploration in a way that certainly appeals to me and the aircraft forms are so varied and exotic.

    COMPETITION I also think that women have had a long tradition of pastimes that occupy the same recreational space as modeling does for men. Competition with a myriad of other hobbies ensures women have more than enough to do with their precious spare time.

    INTRODUCTION As in my case with my partner Terry, it makes a real difference if you are introduced to modelling (and in my case model design). It takes a while, but as most of you know the bug am talking about once you have got it, it is hard to resist. I love the combination of research, reading as much as the actual rendering of the subject.

    I can assure you that when I talk women to about what I am doing, their eyes glaze over and they just don't 'get it'. (I am sure this phenomena may be familiar to many of you out there).

    The debate on the risque subject of card subjects is most interesting. (I used to do art direction for Australian Penthouse many years ago and share both viewpoints expressed in the Forum) If you look on our websiteBy Air Classique - Postcards and Aircraft Models and have a look at my Adult Themed Postcards, I think you will find I have taken quite a different approach. There is no doubt a LONG tradition of female figures on Ships (as figureheads) and aircraft, and I thought it was interesting to investigate in a tasteful way.

    Regarding other design projects, I have over 60 different designs in various stages of completion, so I'm afraid I won't be looking at much else until these designs are resolved.


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