any one know abook about card design?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by yaniv, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    any one here know any book about card models design or some place i can lurn a full model design?
  2. 4x4paper

    4x4paper Member

    Yes I have 2 off them one in english and the other one in chinese:)
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    And these books are? What a tease! :p
  4. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    I never expected there be a book on such things...
  5. 46rob

    46rob Member

    Books on sheetmetal layout are a good start. While not addressing cardmodeling specifically--the design techniques are identical. Charles Adams has started a series of books focused specifically on Modle design--not just in paper. His first volume is out and goes through the basics of blueprinting, pattern making and developments. is his link. I have a copy, and find it to be well written and easily understood. I'm waiting impatiently for his next volume.
  6. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    hi rob

    thanks for the link

    i like to make my order but i like to know please

    is this book realy thich u how to make a paper models or only a blueprints (3d view models)
  7. 4x4paper

    4x4paper Member

    Well the chinese book I do not know the title because it is in Chinese:grin:
    But I did buy that one on amazon HK (honk kong)

    The english one is call:Card modeling .The autor is Eric Sayer peterson but it is not a book that will have computer 3D to paper model design for example

    For the Chinese book a couple friend are doing a translation for me but they have the hardess time with it because it is so technical and a lot of the book talk about computer design and pepakura. I did not find a friend that would be Chinese,spoke English,know about computer and design papermodels.

    We were only able to translate the big idea so far:cry:
    The Chinese book came from 3dpapermodel it was advertise on there website for a while that is the publisher web page
    If you go on on the right of the home page there is a little window with NEW ADDED qlick on it the book is the 7 down with a Hummer on the cover and 3D the only English word on it That book as also
    a few paper model (Hummer and Ford focus wrc)

    Now there is a new book+ cd made by Pepakura and here is the link
    it as a 3d program and since it is made by Pepakura it as the unfolded program with it that seems to be the next best seller even at 500 U$

    but once again it is all in Japanese:grin:
  8. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i not speek jap :(

    the book that rob tell us is looks realy good for lurning but i dont know if its realy for making a card models from a computer softwer :(
  9. 4x4paper

    4x4paper Member

    Well those books are design to show how to make papermodel from 3D software
  10. 57townsman

    57townsman Member


    I have Charles Adams' book also. It is an excellent book on creating blueprints, patterns, and developments. It is well written and covers the material in layman's terms so it is easily understood. The ideas and processes can be used on the computer or by hand methods. It was not written specifically for designing paper models, but the section on pattern development is very useful. It covers how to generate a flat pattern from your 3D drawings/blueprints by geometrical methods.

    I also have a 3 inch thick Sheet Metal Worker's book from around 1945. This is the best reference I have found for flat pattern development as it covers many dozens of shapes in detail. I found it at a used book store for about $15.

    I have several paper model books including the one by Eric Peterson. None are very helpful in the design area though:(

    Have you looked at the design section of the old CardFAQ?
    It may be helpful for you.

  11. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    hi townsman

    as i got from your word thar is no book that realy show us about making a card models and the book of ADAMS is littel expensiv so i not need it?

    thanks for your time and your links :) i hope its will help me
  12. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

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