any one have a continuous ink system for there printer

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by rwguess, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. rwguess

    rwguess Member

    just quizzing if any of you have a continuous ink system and any adivice or experience you would like to pass on?

    i have found one on ebay and im ordering it looks promising and was somewhat cheep compaired to the ink refill kits i have bought in the past
    (i buy lots of ink in bulk)

    all said and done with filled ink tanksfor 60 bucks so im wondering if i got suckered lol


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy RW,

    I use a refill "system" for one of my printers, but the color quality is somewhat lacking. I use factory made inks for my "photo quality printer" (the printer I print models on).
    But as for the quality of whatever "system" you buy, just remember you get what you pay for. For the things I use the "other" printer for, the generic inks work fine, but for quality(or models), I always use the photo quality printer.
    I paid like $40 for the refill kit and my "good" printer cartridges cost me about $30 for each cart. (it requires 2 color cart's.) so sixty dollars for it each time I have to buy more.

    One Tip: If you dont need color for a page or pages you are printing, you can set your printer to "print in grayscale" or "black ink only". This saves your color cartridge(s) as well as your money. Also, "draft quality" instead of "best quality" settings on your printer will also save ink.

    One more tip: If you can afford one, buy a cheap $30 to $50 printer, you can run two printers off one computer. Use the best printer for quality work, and the cheap printer for less important stuff. By "best" and "Cheap" I mean weigh the cost of operating each as well as the quality of each, then decide which is the "best" and which is the "cheapest".

    Hope this helps, Have a good evening :) ,

    Greg aka GW
  3. rowiac

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    That's definitely a lot cheaper than the other CIS setups I've seen out there. The nice thing about is that if you don't like the ink that comes with it, you can use high quality bulk ink instead, assuming the system works.

    Let us know how it turns out. I notice they also have systems for Canon printers, which I might be able to use on my printer.

  4. rwguess

    rwguess Member

    i got the cis and have installed it

    i must say i was worried when i first got it

    but after installing it and seeing that it "fixed"
    problems that i was having with my print head

    "squiggly lines"

    im gonna have to say its a 10 out of 10 and worth every penny i spent

    i will never have to worry about a model getting ink fade during a printing session ever again... 8) come on how many times have you printed a 35 page set with the darn ink starting to fade 1/2 way through

    all in all with the amount i spent for a fully loaded cis system with all six inks

    i am very happy and reccomend this system to every single person that refills his cartridges the old fashioned way

    in fact from now on when i buy an new printer a cis system will be purchased at the same time of the printer no exceptions.....


    a very happy modeler...

    ther hermit
  5. CharlieCharlie

    CharlieCharlie New Member

    Continuous Ink System: Which One to Buy? HP, Canon, Epson

    I have been using a continuous ink system purchased from eBay for over a year with absolutely no problems for my 2 Canon printers. I have also been searching for the best one on the net but they all look the same but with different names.

    The best thing to do is to look for actual buyers of these systems on eBay and read their comments. I have also seen posts on forums from what looks like the ink system manufacturer's themselves self praising their own products and pretending to be actual customers.

    It looked quite simple when I got the system, with tubes attached to empty cartridges and tanks. How different would it be from one manufacturer to the next and is it worth paying $200 for one (often empty) when I can get it for under $80 on eBay already with ink? If you properly install it and take care of your printer well such as turning it off when not in use, the system will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year.

    All printer manufacturers make most of their money off of selling you their expensive cartridges so it is in their best interest and the interest of websites selling the manfucturer's printing supplies to bad mouth products that will block their profits. Beware of bias forums set up by such websites. There are many of them all over the internet.

    eBay members are real and ordinary people who have no bias. Printers are so cheap now but the cartridges have remain very expensive for obvious reasons (making money and breaking the backs of hard working individuals). My system came with a 30 day money back return policy but I had it for over a year and have seen no problems. The bulk ink is very cheap at only $25 to fill all 8 of my colors with 100 ml each or 8x100 ml of ink. 800 ml of ink is about 80 cartridges that I would have had to purchase from Canon if I did not have this system. Each Canon cartridge is around $14 so you do the math ($14 X 80) and find out how much I saved for $25. When purchasing a system just make sure you buy it from a seller with a reputable feedback.


    Menomonee Falls, WI
  6. CharlieCharlie

    CharlieCharlie New Member

    You may want to try They offer a 30 day free trial and their ink is made in the USA. Not imported. They guarantee that their systems will not damage your printer. They provide a printer protection program where if their product damages your printer in any way, they will pay for the cost of replacing the printer.


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